Eiji Hashimoto, president of Nippon Steel, who filed a lawsuit seeking damages from Toyota Motor Corporation and a major Chinese steel company for infringing the patent, said at a press conference that "there is no way to shoot at Toyota." He expressed his intention to respond to infringement regardless of the other party.

President Hashimoto of Nippon Steel attended a press conference of the "Japan Iron and Steel Federation" chaired by himself on the 28th.

Nippon Steel seeks damages this month from its major customers, Toyota Motor Corporation and Chinese steel giant Baoshan Iron & Steel, for infringing patents on its products used in motors such as hybrid vehicles. He has filed a complaint, and this is the first time President Hashimoto has made a public statement since then.

At the press conference, President Hashimoto said, "I never aimed at Toyota. As the president, I made a rational decision after repeated scrutiny." I showed my thoughts.

On top of that, he said, "It is a major premise that patents cannot be completed by'I didn't know'. It becomes clear whether there was a patent violation or not, and which is correct in the trial." Showed the policy to insist.

Regarding this complaint, Toyota has explained in writing that "Baoshan Iron & Steel has no patent infringement."