It has been three years since the death of the late Kim Yong-gyun, but the working environment at the power plant is still poor. However, it was revealed that the day after the photos of the inside of the thermal power plant were released, the company tried to collect sensitive personal information such as union and political party membership history and political opinions by asking employees to write a security pledge.

Reporter Im Tae-woo reports exclusively.


This is a personal information collection agreement sent to all employees by Korea Power Technology, a power plant operator where the late Kim Yong-gyun worked.

They demanded a signature along with a security pledge, saying that photos of the inside of the power plant, a national security facility, are being leaked to the outside.

However, the collected items included sensitive information such as name and age, as well as ideology and belief, history of joining and leaving a union or political party, and political opinion.

On the 25th, at the 3rd anniversary of the late Kim Yong-gyun, employees of this company exposed the poor working conditions of the Yeongheung Thermal Power Plant, and the company took this action the very next day.

[Shin Dae-won / Director of the Korea Development and Technology Division of the Public Transport Workers' Union: I wrote the contents of 'I agree with you' about political views and these things. I clearly think this is a human rights violation and I think it is retaliation.] The

Personal Information Protection Act strictly limits the collection of sensitive information, including personal thoughts and beliefs.

In order for the personal information controller to obtain consent to the collection of sensitive information, the purpose of collection, items, and period of use must be clearly stated, but this process has also been omitted.

[Lee Seo Yong-jin / Certified Labor Attorney: There is absolutely no reason for this company to actually collect these ideas or beliefs, or to withdraw from joining a political party.

Of course, it is also illegal in terms of not having a business necessity.] When the

coverage began, Korea Development Technology said that it had completely stopped collecting personal information, saying that the working-level team had written the consent form by mistake.

The union is demanding a fact-finding investigation into whether there was any pressure or instruction from the prime contractor.

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-chul, video editing: So Ji-hye)   

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