On the 26th, workers of Korea Power Technology who worked at the Yeongheung Thermal Power Plant in Incheon held a press conference exposing the poor working environment of the power plant.

The late Kim Yong-gyun has released several photos of the inside of the power plant, saying that even though the third anniversary of the power plant is approaching, the workers of the power plant subcontractors are still working in dangerous environments.

Then, on the 27th, the day after the meeting, the Korea Power Generation Technology company requested all employees to write a security pledge.

The intention was to prevent the leakage of photos inside the national security facility, but it was found that in the process, the personal information of the employees was also collected.

In particular, the personal information we were trying to collect included sensitive information such as an individual's thoughts and beliefs, histories of joining and leaving a union or political party, and political opinions.

The union protests after the press conference, saying the company is monitoring its employees and is trying to retaliate.

He also argued that a fact-finding investigation was necessary to see if there was any direction or pressure from the original government in this process.

In response to an attempt to collect sensitive information that could violate the Personal Information Protection Act, Korea Development Technology said it would stop collecting personal information, saying it was an employee's mistake.

More details will be delivered on the 8 o'clock news shortly.