China News Service, Beijing, October 27 (Reporter Du Yan) The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation today that the supporting transportation facilities for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are going forward smoothly, with road facilities such as the Beijing-Lijiang Expressway (Beijing Section). All are ready to achieve the goal of planning and construction of the main passages across the competition area; the winter Olympics village east and other 5 temporary traffic stations are basically completed, which will provide parking guarantee for the service vehicles of the competition; the barrier-free upgrade and transformation of transportation facilities will also be completed before the end of the year for the competition. Provide safe and smooth traffic barrier-free services.

At the same time, various competition transportation guarantee plans and emergency plans are being formulated and improved in full swing, fully fulfilling the traffic promises of the Olympic Games.

The supporting transportation facilities for the Winter Olympics are basically completed

  Up to now, all road facilities such as Jingli Expressway (Beijing Section) highway, Jingzang Expressway overhaul, National Highway 110 overhaul, Songyan Road overhaul and other road facilities are all in place, achieving the goal of planning and construction of the main passages across the competition area.

The Jingli Expressway has completely opened up the high-speed expressway from Beijing to the Taizicheng Division, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. It takes about 50 minutes from Beijing Northwest Sixth Ring Road to Yanqing and 1.5 hours from Yanqing to Chongli, Zhangjiakou City, providing travel for the tournament. Safe and fast transportation service.

  The temporary traffic station guaranteed by the service competition has been basically completed.

Five temporary traffic stations in the East of the Winter Olympic Village, the South of the Winter Olympic Village, the West of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Shijingshan, and the Bus Detention Center have been completed to provide parking guarantee for the service vehicles of the Winter Olympics.

The Xiatun temporary station is undergoing environmental renovation and temporary lounge design. It is expected to be completed by the end of November. It will provide parking services for spectators' self-driving cars and shuttle buses, and provide parking services for Winter Olympic service vehicles at night.

  The barrier-free upgrade and renovation of transportation facilities will be completed before the end of the year. At present, the municipal road inspections around the Winter Olympics venues have been completed. The barrier-free renovation of related facilities such as blind tracks, ramps, bus stations, and subway stations will be carried out for the disabled. The Olympic Games provide safe and convenient transportation services.

The traffic guarantee plan and emergency plan are completed one after another

  In order to ensure the city’s traffic safety and smooth flow during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, strong public transportation protection, and harmonious operation of competition and social traffic, the transportation department shall comply with the requirements of the Winter Olympics and Paralympic epidemic prevention and control policies and related transportation. To meet the demand, take the lead in the preparation of various transportation security plans and emergency plans, which are currently being advanced in an orderly manner.

  In terms of the preparation of the transportation guarantee plan, the urban transportation guarantee plan puts forward a transportation guarantee plan for key roads, hubs, stations, and venues, laying a solid foundation for the harmony and smoothness of traffic and social traffic in the competition; the expressway fast-passing guarantee plan clarifies the Winter Olympics Toll road traffic policy, all traffic service vehicles will be installed with ETC during the game, and the toll station dedicated channel will be used to ensure accurate and fast traffic; the urban traffic publicity plan will provide social traffic information services during the game and create a good atmosphere of public opinion.

  In terms of risk prevention and control plans and emergency response plans, carry out safety risk assessments in the transportation industry, sort out roads, bridges, rail transit, ground buses, taxis, inter-provincial passenger transportation, dangerous goods transportation, and hubs and stations, a total of 8 transportation industries, 40 Class risks, determine various risk levels, and propose corresponding control and emergency measures.

In response to emergency situations such as severe weather, damage to transportation infrastructure, and large-scale gatherings of rail and bus passenger flows, formulate emergency plans for traffic operations, prepare and complete transportation industry safety manuals, and carry out standardized prevention and control to ensure the successful completion of the Winter Olympics. Various transportation guarantee tasks for the Paralympic Games.