7Only one e-commerce platform has announced the amount of delivery, and consumers have also pointed out that there are problems

  Some e-commerce platforms have a mystery of the low price Feitian Moutai

  Industry insiders suggest that the release amount should be made public to prevent the platform from selling members and scalpers maliciously rushing to buy.

  News from our newspaper (reporter Qian Peijian) In some tobacco hotel terminals, a bottle of Moutai with a price of more than 3,000 yuan can be snapped up by booking 1499 yuan through the e-commerce platform?

A few days ago, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee announced the results of a pro-test of 7 e-commerce platforms to make an appointment to buy cheap Feitian Moutai: a bottle was not grabbed.

  According to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, a total of 7 online shopping platforms were viewed this time, including Tmall Supermarket, JD.com, Suning.com, Netease Yanxuan, Xiaomi Youpin, Hema, and Jiuxian.com.

Among them, Tmall Supermarket announced the daily delivery volume and actual sales volume, while Hema neither announced the number of reservations nor the number of delivery. The remaining five platforms announced the number of reservations but did not announce the delivery volume.

In this regard, some consumers inquired about the snap-up interface of the above-mentioned platforms in turn, and found that in fact the "Moutai release announcement" of Tmall Supermarket had problems, while the other platforms were basically the same as the notifications by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission.

  Before 2019, Moutai will only circulate in the traditional distribution system. In April 2019, Moutai launched the investment promotion of supermarkets, stores, e-commerce and other channels.

Since then, Moutai has been out of control and has become a drainage tool for major platforms.

In 2019 alone, there have been many instances of Maotai being robbed crazy for 1,498 yuan, and it even drove the supermarket business.

  In August 2019, China's first Costco store opened in Minhang, Shanghai. It was overwhelmed because it sold a bottle of Moutai for 1,498 yuan. It was closed for only 5 hours after opening.

Gome e-commerce once held the "1499 yuan grabbing Maotai" activity, claiming that "99 members have no threshold to snap up Maotai", attracting a large number of users, once the system was paralyzed, and hundreds of users complained.

  With the popularity of the Moutai market, major e-commerce platforms have begun to add goods frantically.

In December 2019 alone, Tmall Supermarket is expected to exceed 400,000 bottles, about 10 times that of the same period last year.

Suning.com released 500,000 bottles, and JD.com is expected to exceed 600,000 bottles offline. A total of about 1.5 million bottles of Moutai on the three major platforms will be available for consumers to snap up in December.

However, because the number of reservations far exceeds the number of Moutai released by the platform, and the reservation requires the purchase of members, some consumers questioned that many e-commerce platforms are taking the opportunity to sell members.

  In recent years, the huge difference between Feitian Moutai's guide price and terminal retail price has attracted the attention of Kweichow Moutai.

The company decided to control terminal prices by expanding direct sales channels to ease the contradiction between supply and demand.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day festivals of this year, Moutai not only "opened gates and increased volume" to ensure the launch of supermarkets and e-commerce and self-operated channels, the supermarkets "snap-up" model was changed to "lottery" and adopted the bottle repurchase model.

At the same time, Kweichow Moutai is also piloting "open bottle consumption" sales of Moutai in some areas.

  Nevertheless, Feitian Moutai is still in short supply.

For consumers, cheap Moutai is still "hard to find a bottle", and a large number of consumers have to go to the e-commerce platform to try their luck.

  In this regard, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee stated: “How many bottles of Moutai have been put on e-commerce platforms is something many consumers want to know.” Insiders in the industry suggested that relevant departments should urge the platform to disclose the amount of Moutai to prevent platforms from taking advantage of it. Selling members, someone buying from the inside, scalpers maliciously snapping up and other issues.