Chinanews client, Beijing, October 27th (Reporter Li Jinlei) If you are worried about finding a job, you can take a look at this list of the top 100 jobs for the "most lacking jobs".

Marketers continue to rank first

  On October 27th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released the ranking of the 100 “most job shortages” in the third quarter of 2021 that recruited more than job seekers in the country.

  The data for this issue comes from the recruitment and job search data in the human resources market reported by public employment service agencies in 102 designated monitoring cities across the country.

  The list shows that the top ten occupations are

marketers, restaurant waiters, merchandise salesmen, security guards, couriers, housekeeping waiters, cleaners, marketing professionals, welders, and customer service managers.

  It is worth noting that marketers have ranked first for many consecutive periods.

"Real estate agents" exit the top ten

  In this issue, "welders" and "customer service administrators" entered the top ten, and

"real estate agents" and "instrument manufacturers" exit the top ten.

  It seems that the adjustment of the real estate market during this period has also affected the demand for real estate agents.

  According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in September 2021, the sales prices of commercial residential buildings in 70 large and medium-sized cities showed a slight decline from the previous month, and the year-on-year increase continued to fall.

The new home price index fell for the first time in 6 years.

  Expert analysis shows that the recent second-hand housing transactions in some cities have been cut in half, indicating that the market itself has entered a significant cooling cycle.

Data map: The lecturer teaches massage techniques.

Photo by Xu Mingrui

Two major categories of occupations are in high demand

  Among them, the two major occupational needs of social production service and life service personnel, production and manufacturing and related personnel have maintained a strong momentum.

  From the perspective of the distribution of 100 occupations, 74 occupations belong to the above two categories, occupying the dominant position; the ranks of life service occupations such as "express mail handlers", "online dispatchers", and "logistics administrators" have risen significantly, and "nursing teachers" "Hairdresser" is new to the rankings.

  Among the 24 new jobs in the ranking, 17 are related to manufacturing, such as "industrial robot system operator", "vacuum electronic device parts manufacturing and assembly and adjustment workers", etc.

The picture shows job seekers looking through recruitment information at the job fair.

Photo by Zhou Yi

Recruitment demand and the number of job seekers have decreased month-on-month

  According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, compared with the second quarter of 2021, the demand for recruitment and the number of job seekers have decreased month-on-month, and the market supply and demand relationship has eased in the third quarter.

  From the perspective of the 100 occupations with the “least job shortages”, the number of recruitment needs decreased from 1.538 million in the second quarter to 1.114 million (down 27.56%); the number of job seekers decreased from 517,000 in the second quarter to 418,000 (down 19.15) %); the number of gaps dropped from 1.021 million in the second quarter to 696,000 (down 31.83%); the overall job-seeking ratio (the ratio of the number of recruits to the number of job applicants) fell from 2.97 in the second quarter to 2.67 (down 10.1%).

  The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security pointed out that in terms of trends, the employment situation is expected to continue to be stable.

However, uncertainties in the international environment have increased, the domestic economic recovery is still unstable and uneven, and the employment situation is facing certain risks and uncertainties.

In the next step, we will make every effort to stabilize posts, have Rio Tinto channels, gather efforts to stabilize key points, vigorously provide excellent services, and focus on monitoring.

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