Based on a whole new platform, the new Range Rover has been completely renewed.

But let his aficionados rest assured, he has kept his typical line, which has just been slightly refined and made a little more dynamic.

More luxurious than ever, its cabin is fully customizable and can accommodate up to 7 passengers for the first time. Mechanically, we will retain the choice of 6-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines "house", and the appearance of an original BMW gasoline V8 developing 530 hp. All are equipped with 48V light hybridization. Two plug-in hybrid proposals will also be in the catalog: these are equipped with a 6-cylinder thermal block and a 38.2 kWh battery which provides a range of 100 km in zero emissions mode.

In 2024, the Range will also be available in a 100% electric version, details of which have not yet been revealed.

Despite its pachydermal dimensions, it steers short thanks to the rear steering wheels.

Offering the comfort of the most upscale sedans on the market, it also remains an all-terrain vehicle capable of fording up to 90 cm or very rough terrain.

Excellence that comes at a very high price: from 123,800 €!


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