Israeli organizations in solidarity with six Palestinian NGOs classified as "terrorists"

A man at the Addameer premises, which has been designated by Israel as a terrorist organization along with 5 other groups, in Ramallah, October 24, 2021. REUTERS - MOHAMAD TOROKMAN

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This Wednesday, October 27, the leaders of 25 Israeli human rights organizations went to Ramallah to express their support and solidarity with the six Palestinian civil society NGOs that the Israeli government has designated as “terrorists”. 


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With our correspondent in Ramallah


Alice Froussard


new classification

was quickly condemned by the Palestinian Authority and international human rights groups, including the UN and Human Rights Watch. 

Gathered at al-Haq's premises in Ramallah, 

the six Palestinian organizations attacked

address the assembly.

Sahar Francis, the director of Adammeer, insists on their closeness to all: "

I don't know if you really believe that I am a terrorist

," she declares.

But I think this decision is very important and dangerous ... Because it starts with us, but it also alerts us to the type of regime that controls us all.


Opposite, 25 leaders of Israeli human rights NGOs.

All speak in turn, speak with one voice.

They insist on their total rejection of this new designation, recalling their support for their Palestinian colleagues. 


This has no legal validity in our opinion,"

says Hagai el-Ad, director of the Israeli NGO Btselem.

We have worked with these organizations before, we will continue to work closely with them in the future. There is no reason - other than to say how outrageous it is - for the government to equate this important work of protecting human rights with terrorism. This is typical of a totalitarian regime. This has been used in many other countries: trying to silence opposition and critics, equating human rights with terrorism. And it's a shame that this is happening here. 


Under Israeli law, this act of support can be worth up to three years in prison.

But, adds Hagai el-Ad, “ 

this solidarity, this co-resistance, had to go beyond a simple press release. 



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