Germany invites travelers from the Arab Gulf countries to an exceptional experience in the best winter destinations

The German National Tourism Office offers travelers from the Arab Gulf countries an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional winter experience in Germany, which is a distinctive tourist destination that meets the aspirations of everyone, whether lovers of mountains, castles and festive markets.

The destination becomes more attractive in the winter season, where visitors can enjoy beautiful natural scenes decorated with snow, and distinctive winter sports experiences in many parks and recreational destinations.

Commenting on this topic, Yamina Sofo, Director of Sales and Marketing Department of the German National Tourist Office, said: "Winter shows in Germany have always been very popular with our visitors from the Arab Gulf countries, thanks to the cold weather and the amazing snow. The ancient country hosts a wide range of activities that suit all aspirations. From winter sports in the Alps to spa recreation with stunning lakeside views, this is the perfect holiday destination for the festive season.”

Passengers from Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia can enter Germany regardless of whether they have received a COVID-19 vaccine, provided they submit a negative COVID-19 test result within a maximum period of 72 hours of travel, a valid vaccination certificate, or proof of recovery from previous injury;

And that is after the German government announced the easing of travel restrictions imposed on those coming from these countries.

Among the most prominent destinations recommended by the German National Tourism Office to ensure a special winter while in Germany:

Europe Park

Europa Park, located in Rust in southwestern Germany, is one of the world's top theme parks, having won the title of best theme park in the world for four years in a row.

The leading entertainment destination is adorned with thousands of flashing lights and festive equipment to dress its paths in a festive look throughout the winter season.

The exceptional experience is not limited to exciting games and exhilarating performances, as cups of hot chocolate and delicious delicacies add a warm feel that encourages visitors to re-experience.


The town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian region of Zug Spitz, Germany's highest mountain at 2,962 metres, allows adventure enthusiasts to explore more than 400 mountain peaks and valleys in the region.

Visitors can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in the picturesque Alpine region, in addition to exhilarating unparalleled experiences with the funicular and cable cars for breathtaking panoramic views.

The contrast between the two parts of the city enriches its charm. Garmisch is modern and trendy, while the traditional stone-paved streets of Partenkirchen retain the ancient touch of the Bavarian region.

Baden Baden

The beauty of the Black Forest is not hidden from everyone who visits the city of Baden-Baden, especially with the snow falling on the paths of the stunning Lichtentaler Allee park to form a fantasy painting.

The city has a variety of cafes that allow visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee with stunning views, in addition to being a place for skiers to rest on the slopes.

Fans of warm weather can get away from the cool open areas and explore the Friederborda Museum and the National Art Gallery Baden-Baden, connected by a glass bridge, which receive visitors annually at this time of the year.

Holiday markets in Cologne

Cologne is famous for its exceptionally popular markets in the winter season. The festively decorated stalls offer visitors a variety of delicacies, handicrafts and seasonal drinks throughout November and December.

The markets provide an excellent opportunity to get to know Germany, whether when touring the shops or while enjoying the skating rinks.

Traditional German spa

The unique spas located in the mountainous Allgäu region offer the perfect retreat for healing and relaxation, and the breathtaking views of the mountains and crystal-clear water views meet the aspirations of travelers who want an unparalleled relaxation experience.

The year-round campaign of traditional German spas highlights mineral springs, innovative hot tubs, spas and spa treatments available across Germany, with a rich heritage dating back more than 200 years.

It is mentioned that the European Union issues its recommendations to member states and updates them regularly.

The Safe List is also reviewed every two weeks by European Union authorities and Member States.

For the full entry requirements to Germany, visitors are advised to visit:

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