Deutsche Bank is serious about the austerity measures in the Postbank branches.

An additional 300 jobs are to be eliminated by the early closure of branches by the end of 2023.

This emerges from a letter from the head of private customer business, Philipp Gossow, to his employees that the FAZ is available.

According to this, "above all around 300 counter workplaces" are to be deleted.

For this, the bank wants to use age fluctuation, early retirement regulations and, if necessary, termination agreements, it continues.

The positions of customer advisors are to be retained in full.

You should move your customer base to neighboring branches.

Tim Kanning

Editor in business.

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On Tuesday it became known that Deutsche Bank will thin out the Postbank branch network much faster than previously planned.

By the end of 2023, the number of



falling branches from the current approximately 750 to approximately 550th

The fact that comparatively few employees are affected by this is reportedly due to the fact that many urban branches with few employees are on the cross-off list.

In the spring, the bank had already concluded a reconciliation of interests with its employees in the branch business in Germany, which had planned a much larger reduction: According to this, 1190 jobs should be lost, if as planned at the end of 2021 from the current 497

Deutsche Bank branches

97 and 50 out of 800 each year by the end of 2022

Postbank branches should be closed.