China News Agency, Berlin, October 27 (Reporter Peng Dawei) Jin Liqun, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), announced on the 26th that the AIIB will increase climate financing and is expected to accumulate climate financing by 2030 The total will reach 50 billion US dollars.

  The 6th Annual Meeting of the AIIB Board of Directors opened on the same day.

The host country of this annual meeting of the Council is the United Arab Emirates.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the annual meeting of the AIIB has been held online for the second consecutive year.

  Jin Liqun made the above remarks at an online press conference held during the annual meeting that day.

It is reported that the US$50 billion in climate financing is four times the level when the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank first issued its annual climate financing commitments in 2019.

The AIIB also announced that by July 1, 2023, its operations will be consistent with the goals established by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

  Earlier this year, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank set a goal to achieve that at least 50% of its approved financing amount is climate financing by 2025.

Jin Liqun said on the same day that we are at a decisive moment in history. "If we want to control global climate change and protect our fragile planet, we need to take bold, rapid and extensive collective action."

  The United Nations Climate Change Conference will open in Glasgow, UK in a few days.

Jin Liqun said on the same day that strengthening investment in low-income member countries in climate resilience and resilience, as well as strengthening investment in emerging climate technology, will be key areas for the agency to focus on.