Chinanews client, Beijing, October 28 (Reporter Wu Tao) On the occasion of this year's "Double 11", Hema and Carrefour jointly reported that Sam was suspected of forcing merchants to "choose one of two", but Sam denied it.

  Although the truth of the matter is still confusing, some analysis pointed out that the soldiers and horses have not moved the food first, and it is not difficult to see the "Double 11" secret battle between the e-commerce platforms.

Member store

"choose one" storm

  On October 22, Carrefour's first member store in the Chinese market officially opened. Unexpectedly, an embarrassing scene occurred and some suppliers were collectively "evacuated".

Carrefour member store issued a letter of apology.

Weibo screenshot

  Subsequently, the Carrefour member store issued an "apology letter" stating that competitors continued to put pressure on some brands. If the brand supplies the Carrefour member store, it will remove the brand's products on the competitor's platform.

Carrefour opposes this kind of forcing businesses to "choose one of two" behaviors and has reported it.

  Hema also "makes up": when his X member store opened, he also faced a similar situation.

Hema told a reporter from that “this happened last year.” According to many media reports, Hema’s rivals “choose one out of two” are mainly concentrated in the 3C and FMCG fields.

  As the incident fermented, Sam's Club issued a document saying that so far, we have not seen any direct or indirect facts provided by relevant parties, indicating that the Sam's Club has the so-called "choice of two" problem. "I learned of this rumor, We immediately launched a self-examination immediately. So far, no questions raised by the parties have been found."

Sam responded to the "choice of two" controversy.

Image source: Sam's Club Weibo

"Double 11"

secret battle?

  Some analysts pointed out that, approaching "Double 11", the member stores of Carrefour, Hema and Sam are in fact the two major e-commerce giants, Ali and JD, are fighting secretly.

However, Hema denied that the "choose one of the second" storm was related to "Double 11".

  It is reported that Sam is owned by Wal-Mart and has an independent APP in addition to offline member stores.

On the JD platform, the official flagship store of Sam's Club has also been opened.

  Wal-Mart is currently the third largest shareholder of, second only to the shareholding ratios of Tencent and Liu Qiangdong.

As early as 2016, confirmed that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart became a strategic investor of JD Group.

Afterwards, Wal-Mart and, Dada, etc. started close cooperation.

Data map.

The picture shows the membership office of Sam, a paid membership store.

Photo by Liu Xian

  The box horse belongs to the Ali department.

In addition, until today, Ali is still a major shareholder of Suning.

In 2019, Carrefour China was acquired by a subsidiary of Suning for an 80% stake for 4.8 billion yuan, and the latter became the controlling shareholder of Carrefour China.

  In the eyes of some Internet observers, the annual "Double 11" period is a period of high incidence of "choose one", and this year is still undercurrent.

  It’s worth noting that Sam’s Club’s response seems to imply other meanings.

For example, Sam’s Club said, “Enterprises should focus on the development of their own characteristics and continue to innovate products and services. Simple product replication and homogenized competition will really harm the interests of consumers.”

  Some consumers told a reporter from that they did feel that some member stores would sell exclusive products and the quality of the products was also good, but because there was no reference price comparison, they had to evaluate their value in their hearts.

The reporter noticed that some member stores will label some products as "exclusive" as "selling points."

Screenshot of Sam's Club APP.

  Some netizens said, "According to my experience, the exclusive ones are often the most expensive." "The worst is the consumers. If you want to go to a supermarket, you have to pay an annual fee, and things are not much cheaper." Some netizens think , The membership fee of several hundred yuan is not worth mentioning when compared with its high-quality and inexpensive products.

  "Actually, after shopping around, consumers have a good balance of which member is the real benefit." Some commentators pointed out that if member stores violate the law and force merchants to "choose one of the two" and harm consumers' rights, don't blame it. Consumers vote with their feet, and whoever forces "choose one out of the other" will leave.