Wired wireless Internet service nationwide using KT's network was interrupted today (25th) for over an hour during the day due to more than a communication network. Because of this, payment by card at lunchtime restaurants or ordering through delivery apps was not possible, and people experienced great inconvenience in schools, hospitals and pharmacies. When the internet was cut off, our society as a whole came to a standstill.

First of all, this is reporter Jang Hoon-kyung.

<Reporter> At

lunchtime, when customers are in full swing, at restaurants using KT network, both payment and delivery orders were not working.

[Choi Hyun-mi / Gwangju restaurant owner: Because the internet is blocked during lunch time, there is no payment, and there is no payment made by the people of delivery.] The

ATM does not work even if you try to pay with cash because the card does not work. Customers, restaurants, and delivery All the workers suffered.

[Cheonan restaurant owner: (delivery) is a system that automatically cancels if (order) is not received, but almost 6-7 cases were canceled in a short time.]

[Delivery driver: Payment by card after meeting is not possible at all. The destination appears and I have to go to see this, but it doesn't work at all, so I can't find it.] The

unmanned parking lot has a breaker installed due to a payment error.

Infrastructure, such as hospitals, pharmacies, and schools, was also paralyzed.

Vaccination in hospital

[Lee Sang-jin / Jeonju Hospital Affiliate Team Leader: We had to inquire about those eligible for free flu (vaccination), but as the internet went down…


Prescription has become a problem in pharmacies.

[Pharmacist: Because we can't check duplicate prescriptions, especially sleeping pills.]

Universities postponed midterm exams, and over 7,700 schools across the country disrupted remote classes.

[Middle school teacher: There were some friends who couldn't attend class because they got stuck in the 4th period, and there was a riot because they couldn't contact them by cell phone.]

Investors using the KT network were sometimes delayed in accessing the trading system of securities companies.

The KT customer center was flooded with inquiries, but even that failed.

[KT Customer Center: Our customer's location is not confirmed right now...

.] At

first, KT said that it was caused by a 'DDoS attack', but when no trace of an external attack was found, it changed the word that the accident occurred due to a routing error, that is, the wrong network path setting.

Due to KT's network management failure, people's lives stopped all over the country for over an hour.

(Video coverage: Yoo Dong-hyeok, Kim Hak-mo, Kim Hak-il KBC, Na Byeong-wook KBC, Kim Yang-ho JTV, video editing: Lee Seung-yeol, VJ: Park Hyeon-woo)

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