Dubai Gold launches discounts on workmanship fees and diamond jewelry

The Dubai Gold and Jewelery Group, in cooperation with the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, today launched the "Diwali 2021" campaign.

The group said in a statement that the promotional campaign will continue until the sixth of next November, with the participation of 125 jewelry stores across Dubai.

Dubai Gold and Jewelery indicated that during the campaign it will present many offers, such as major discounts on diamond jewelry, and free gifts, in addition to not imposing factory fees on a selection of gold jewelry, as well as many exclusive offers.

She explained that the full list of offers includes, major discounts of up to 50% on workmanship fees on a selection of 18 karat, 21 and 22 karat gold jewelry, while famous brands also offer a selection of jewelry without factory fees, while the group offers discounts ranging from 50 % and 75% on diamond jewelry, pointing out that with every purchase of jewelry, valuable golden gifts can be obtained.

The group also announced a raffle campaign for prizes worth 150,000 dirhams, indicating that when customers shop with a value of 500 dirhams from any of the participating jewelry stores, a chance to enter the grand raffle, where 15 winners will win jewelry vouchers worth 10,000 dirhams each.

The Dubai Gold and Jewelery Group stated that it is cooperating with the "Expo 2020 Dubai" exhibition to give four winners a chance to win a limited edition of gold coins, each weighing 20 grams.

The group’s chairman, Tawheed Abdullah, said: “Every year the Indian community celebrates the (Diwali) festival, and buying gold forms a large part of the celebration of this festival, so we are always keen to constantly innovate and look for the best ways to meet the needs of jewelry lovers.”

He added, "Dubai is currently the world's destination for jewelry, and in our endeavor to promote this name, being representatives of the gold and jewelry sector, we are committed to working to ensure that our customers always receive something new and unique."

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