Real estate, transport, food, clothing, travel, taxes… Being a consumer is a job in its own right and on a daily basis.

But it's not always easy to navigate the jungle of regulations or so-called bargains.

Do not panic ! 

20 Minutes

and its partner UFC-Que Choisir are there to help you, by answering your questions in the Brief Conso.

And this week, it is the lawyer Gwenaëlle Le Jeune who enlightens us on the Energy performance diagnosis, the famous DPE.

In place since 2006, it enables the measurement of energy consumption for the rental or sale of a home via a rating ranging from A to G. One way in particular to identify “thermal strainers”.

A new formula DPE entered into force at the beginning of July 2021. It no longer takes into account the energy bills, but the characteristics of the building.

Problem: diagnoses have led to overestimating the faults of certain dwellings built before 1975. An adjustment of this new DPE is expected for November 1, but the questions remain numerous.


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