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financial authorities are announcing additional measures for household debt this week. It is expected that loans will be tightened further, but Jeonse loans are likely to be removed from regulation.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun.

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main content of the government's additional measures for household debt to be announced tomorrow is to expand the DSR regulation on the total debt-to-income ratio.

DSR is a policy that limits the limit of a loan based on an individual's ability to repay.

Currently, the DSR regulation is applied at 40% for banks and 60% for non-banks. If an individual earns 50 million won a year, the sum of the principal and interest for a year on the total loan amount is 20 million won for a bank, Non-banks must not exceed 30 million won.

First of all, the financial authorities are expected to accelerate the application of the DSR, which it has decided to expand in three phases by 2023.

If the DSR regulations are applied earlier, the maximum amount you can get a loan will be significantly reduced.

In addition, measures to increase the amortization ratio so that the principal is repaid in installments from the beginning and measures to manage household debt in the second financial sector are also planned.

However, we decided not to apply DSR to jeonse loans, and excluded it from the total household loan management limit in the fourth quarter of this year.

[Seung-beom Koh / Chairman of the Financial Services Commission (last 21st, government audit): Direct DSR regulation related to jeonse loans We decided not to include these in this measure.]

Loan screening becomes more complicated.

When renewing the global contract, it is possible to apply for a Jeonse loan only before the balance due date in order to lend only the amount that the Jeonse price has risen and to prevent the Jeonse loan from being used for other purposes such as stock investment.

With the early implementation of the DSR regulation, loan screening is expected to be strengthened, so the loan statement is expected to be narrower.