China News Service, Hunchun, Jilin, October 22 (Xue Dongdong) With the continuous advancement of the development and opening up of Jilin Province, Hunchun, a border city connected with countries in Northeast Asia, is deepening the construction of mutual trade, especially the trial operation of imported goods. Start.

  Hunchun is located in the lower reaches of the Tumen River in the southeastern part of Jilin Province. China, North Korea, and Russia are connected by land, and China, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, and Japan are connected by water. Hunchun is also known as the "Golden Triangle" of Northeast Asia. It is an important trade corridor connecting countries in the region.

  In May 2020, the Ministry of Commerce of China approved "the first batch of pilot counties and cities for the on-site processing of imported goods from border residents", among which Hunchun became the only pilot city for the on-site processing of mutual trade products in Jilin Province.

  After more than a year of construction, the Hunchun Mutual Market has gradually improved.

The reporter learned from the relevant departments of Hunchun City on the 22nd that the local area has compiled the "Pilot Plan for the Localized Processing of Imported Commodities in Border Cross-market Trade", and has organized multiple rounds of localized processing policy interpretation conferences and trained more than 200 companies.

At present, Hunchun has completed the first batch of on-site processing and trial operation, and 4 aquatic products companies have advanced the rate of processing nearly 1,000 tons of raw materials, with a value of more than 10 million yuan.

  In addition to the original on-site processing of seafood, Hunchun is also actively exploring other on-site processing businesses. Currently, more than 30 varieties of soybeans, corn, sugar, ginseng, and oats have been declared.

  According to reports, commodities from Russia, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, and South Korea can all enter the Hunchun Exchange Trade Zone for trading.

Imported commodities do not need to declare customs (zero tariffs), and take the special trade channel of the mutual trade; the goods processed in the mutual trade will be directly passed to the processing enterprise after entering the country for filing. There is no need to enter the separate shipment and transportation, which can save time, manpower, and logistics costs.

  With the support of Jilin Province and Yanbian Prefecture, Hunchun City has also planned the project of a land-based processing base for imported goods in each other to undertake a cluster of processing enterprises.

According to Li Huajun, deputy director of the Hunchun Sino-Russian Mutual Trade Zone Administration, the project mainly constructs a standardized factory building for on-site processing, as well as supporting facilities such as cold storage, office buildings and other facilities.

  In the future, Hunchun will also plan to promote the construction of an international industrial park for the marine economy.

Li Huajun said that Hunchun will form a cluster of local processing enterprises, promote the development of local processing industry clusters, and aim to build an important processing center for imported goods in Jilin Province and even in Northeast Asia.


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