After the Corona crisis, companies are looking for more employees again, which is getting the job market going.

This is confirmed by the quarterly evaluation of reports on larger programs to build up or downsize staff for the period from January to September by the FAZ archive.

Accordingly, the announced new hires of a total of 48,000 employees clearly outweigh the planned job cuts.

Mark Fehr

Editor in business.

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The auditing and consulting companies PwC and Deloitte, the online retailer Amazon or the car manufacturer Daimler and Deutsche Bank want to hire a particularly large number of staff in the coming years.

But the development programs of the furniture retailer XXXLutz or the cooking ingredients mail order company HelloFresh are also impressive.

The Ikea competitor XXXLutz is expanding in Germany, taking over furniture stores from smaller providers or opening its own.

New buildings are planned in Bayreuth, Gera, Hagen and Heidelberg.

On the company homepage, there is also contact with an employee, to whom owners of suitable properties with a lot of space - also for parking spaces - can report.

The Austrian company has the ambitious goal of overtaking Ikea as the market leader in Germany and plans to employ 2,000 people in this country. XXXLutz is not only looking for classic retail staff, because the trading group is also growing in online trading. For example, a logistics center is currently being built in Erfurt for this purpose. XXXLutz wants to operate online trading with its offers itself. The competitor Ikea, on the other hand, is considering a collaboration with the online retailer Amazon.

Amazon offers a large part of the vacancies in Germany - and will continue to look for new staff in the future. In March, the company announced that it would add 5,000 jobs this year. At the beginning of September, Amazon also announced that it wanted to hire a further 3,000 employees in the coming year. The online giant plans to open eight locations by mid-2022 to handle its increasingly complex and extensive logistics. Distribution and sorting centers are therefore to be built across the republic: In Dummerstorf, Helmstedt, Hof / Gattendorf, Friedrichsdorf, Neu-Ulm, Weiterstadt, Wenden and Erding.

The largest job creation program, however, was not announced by Amazon, but by the auditing and consulting company PwC. The company wants to hire 10,000 employees from almost all disciplines within four years, not just auditors, tax consultants or lawyers. PwC is also looking for experts in digitization, data analysis or cloud services, i.e. services for modern IT platforms. The auditing and consulting giant wants to digitize its own business on the one hand and advise its clients in this field on the other. An example: Due to the increasing number of hacker attacks on companies, the victims are increasingly turning to the help of auditing and consulting companies. Because these have forensic scientists and IT specialiststhat can help defend against hackers or follow their traces on the Internet.

When it comes to downsizing, Commerzbank is at the top with 10,000 jobs to be cut. These are to be dismantled by 2023. Even internationally, no company wants to cut so many jobs - apart from the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia. Commerzbank was once Germany's second largest credit institution and a member of the Dax. That is past. Recently, the online bank N26 is worth more to its investors than the stock market value of Commerzbank. The major downsizing is not the reason for this decline, but rather its belated consequence.

The shedding of 7,800 jobs around the world at the technology company Siemens Energy is also not surprising.

The cancellation program follows the politically ordered withdrawal from energy generation with coal, which is not only operated in Germany, but also in the People's Republic of China.

After all: With 2,600 jobs, the former Siemens division in Germany will not lose quite as many employees as feared.

Originally it should be 3000.

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