China News Agency, Shanghai, October 23 (Reporter Wang Enbo) Former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger said at the third Bund Financial Summit via video on the 23rd that no country in the world today can achieve hegemony, and the United States and China should work together. Welcome to the future.

  Kissinger believes that the epidemic in the world today is still far away. Governments and private institutions should try their best to strengthen communication, especially on non-political issues that are not controversial, including scientific research, historical research, commercial activities, etc. Re-developing a sense of community.

  He bluntly said that the basic problem facing the world today is whether all countries only need to care about their own interests or must they realize that the world today is interconnected.

In the future, there will be a large number of problems that need to be addressed by all countries. If the world is reduced to a nationalist arena, the difficulty of preventing related misjudgments and avoiding conflicts will be greatly increased.

  Kissinger further pointed out that if you only look at the problem from the perspective of your own country and refuse to treat all countries as equals, there will be a danger that when the crisis begins to accumulate, all parties will only understand from their own and local perspectives. The situation, so that the danger of confrontation continues to increase.

  "Through cooperation, based on the concept of equality, we fully recognize that the two sides have common rights in many fields. This is the consensus that I hope that the United States and China can reach when the dialogue is resumed in the future, and that it can continue to advance on many levels in the future. "Kissinger emphasized that because in today's world, no country can achieve hegemony, and no country has the potential to dominate the entire world.

  He believes that looking forward to the future, a certain degree of competition between the United States and China is unavoidable, but the two countries also need to maintain cooperation in the competition and jointly embrace a peaceful, prosperous, and dignified future.


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