“In fact, deliveries may stop even from November 1.

Kupriyanov simply says that Gazprom is ready to sign another one-month contract.

And then, in the absence of a long-term agreement at that time, there will be no gas from December 1.

But the fact is that there is no agreement for November either.

Therefore, the risks that gas supplies to Moldova will end in a week are quite high, ”the expert said.

In his opinion, Gazprom is proposing to conclude a long-term contract based on spot pricing.

“On September 30, the old agreement ended, it was on unique terms.

In the summer period there was a link to the spot market, because in summer there are low prices, and in winter, when prices on the spot rise, there was a link to the cost of oil products, which allowed Moldova to buy gas at a comfortable price all year round.

And for October, since this is a short-term contract, the pricing formula is exclusively spot and, accordingly, the price for Moldova for October is $ 700 per 1,000 cubic meters.

m ", - added Yushkov.

As the expert noted, Moldova followed the path of the Baltic States and Ukraine.

“He throws mud at Russia, calls it an“ aggressor, ”and so on.

So why would Russia and Gazprom go to meet Moldova?

We do not offer overpriced either.

This is the standard European price, now there really are such prices ... Yes, now it is a high price.

But this is a pricing formula, not a fixed price ten years in advance.

Moldova must make a choice, ”the RT interlocutor concluded.

Earlier, the official representative of Gazprom, Sergei Kupriyanov, announced the possibility of stopping gas supplies to Moldova from December 1.

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