"GITEX 2021"... Smart robots to take care of children... and others that mimic humans in the service of customers

International technology companies, through their platforms at GITEX Global 2021, which concluded its activities at the Dubai World Trade Center, recently launched “artificial intelligence” robots, some of which are dedicated to monitoring children, caring for pets, and others that simulate real human forms to work in service areas. Dealers, reception services, hotel rooms, in addition to “robots” to work in work sites with difficult and dangerous tasks.

The officials of these companies attributed to “Emirates Today” the expansion and diversity of robots, to the high competitiveness between technology companies, and the repercussions of the Corona virus “Covid 19” pandemic, which increased reliance on artificial intelligence and robotics technologies.

robots for service

The director of international sales at "Promobot" for technical systems, Gina Aziyahova, said that the company introduced "robots" supported by artificial intelligence, during its platform at Gitex Global 2021, which recently concluded in Dubai, the most prominent of which is a "robot" that mimics humans in shape. To work in information offices and customer service, in order to give a more realistic appearance similar to real employees, pointing out that the robot is programmed automatically and not through control from other individuals.

She added that "Promobot" also introduced a robot with artificial intelligence, to work in hotel room services, or in the registration and departure services for hotel guests, pointing out that there is currently great competition among international technical companies in the introduction of robots.

She stressed that the "Covid 19" pandemic was one of the main factors for increasing reliance on robots and artificial intelligence in various tasks.

Robots for care

In turn, the director of sales at DTK Computer "Technical Products", Amjad Smadi, said that the company had introduced, through its platform at GITEX Global 2021, a small robot enhanced with a 360-degree camera and microphone.

He explained that the robot can be used to take care of pets, by providing food storage places inside the robot, to feed the pets according to specific dates, stressing that the “robot” can be controlled remotely, even from outside the country, and operate it, to follow the pets, or play with them. As well as doing activities with her inside the house.

He added that the robot also has features to turn it into child care, by monitoring them and following their movement at home through a camera, in addition to the possibility of directing them through the microphone or the speaker installed in the microphone.

He pointed out that these robots can also be used to guard homes, as the robot can detect any strange movement in the house or when the doors are opened by strangers from the house.

advanced tasks

In the same context, the General Manager in the Emirates of Hewlett-Packard International Technology Solutions, Ahmed Al-Khalafi, said that one of the most prominent technical changes imposed by the pandemic in the markets is the increase in diversity and reliance on artificial intelligence techniques, which is a key factor in the operation of advanced robotics devices. which has become more extensive than in previous periods.

As for the director of sales in the Middle East and Asia at Honeywell, Roman Polednov, he said that in its last session, the exhibition witnessed a remarkable expansion in the introduction of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, supported by the effects of the “Corona” pandemic, which strengthened the reliance on robots in various fields, In addition to the high competitiveness between companies.

communication robots

In turn, the "Etisalat Group" has introduced robots to work in the retail sector, and others are used in difficult and dangerous tasks, and are enhanced by artificial intelligence and the fifth generation network.

It also offered robots to work in the areas of sterilization and customer service, and in factories and areas that are difficult for workers to reach.

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