The US Federal Reserve has tightened the rules for trading securities for its top staff.

You are only allowed to invest in broadly diversified forms of investment, you have to hold onto the investment for one year and have the transaction approved.

The measures follow a scandal of permitted transactions.

There is no evidence that the decisions of the resigned central bankers were influenced by their transactions.

The Fed is not fighting wrongdoing, but rather an impression that could be created - for example because the Democrat Liz Warren needs ammunition for her intention to shoot the Fed leadership ready for attack.

But why trading in Johnson & Johnson or Amazon shares, which have developed independently of monetary policy, is banned is unclear.

Rather, the Fed influences entire markets, which are represented by forms of investment to which central bankers have been thrown back.

You will have to ask yourself how much trust you can grant ideal candidates for public office.

You shouldn't order people you don't trust.

The rest have a right to be accused of decency.