Many industries are currently suffering from a shortage of semiconductors.

Intel produces them and therefore has a very popular product.

According to the company, it has also eliminated bottlenecks in its own production.

But it suffers from a lack of semiconductors that it uses with its own products.

And that in turn apparently also reduces customer demand for Intel chips.

This is reflected in the recently published quarterly report of the American semiconductor giant.

The stock exchange was disappointed, the Intel share price temporarily lost more than 10 percent of its value on Friday.

Roland Lindner

Business correspondent in New York.

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Intel increased its group sales in the third quarter by 5 percent to 19.2 billion dollars.

Excluding the business with certain memory chips sold to the South Korean company SK Hynix, sales were $ 18.1 billion, slightly missing the predictions of analysts.

Intel's adjusted net income was $ 7.0 billion, and earnings per share exceeded expectations.

CEO announces the course will be set

The component bottlenecks were particularly noticeable in the business with semiconductors for laptops. In the division with these chips, sales shrank. Sales of microprocessors for large computers such as network computers (servers) grew by 10 percent, but were also somewhat below expectations. Intel said China’s consumer demand has suffered from recent government restrictions on video game use. With regard to the bottlenecks in components, the chairman of the board, Pat Gelsinger, said he expected a gradual easing in the coming year, but the shortage could still be felt in 2023.

Gelsinger only took over the chief position in February of this year.

He moved to the top during a difficult time.

Intel struggled with falling market shares and delays in new product development.

Apple dumped Intel as a supplier of chips for Macintosh computers.

Since then, Gelsinger has announced some major changes in the course: He plans to invest $ 20 billion in production facilities on the American home market;

in Europe he even wants to build chip factories for 80 billion euros, the location has not yet been determined.

He has also announced that Intel wants to become a contract manufacturer for other companies in addition to its own chips.

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