Starting today (21st), it is prohibited to ask the apartment security guard to park for you or to bring the parcel to the front of the house.

This is to ensure that the security guards do not suffer from chores other than their original duties, and reporter Kim Hye-min covered the first day of implementation.

<Reporter> In

an apartment in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, the parking space is cramped and it is known that security guards rely on valet parking.

At 6:30 this morning, cars are fully double-parked.

Residents on their way to work leave their homes one by one, and security guards drive double-parked vehicles to remove vehicles parked inside.

You can even open the car door yourself.

Dozens of vehicle keys are kept inside the guardhouse, which residents always leave behind.

As the enforcement decree of the new apartment housing management law comes into effect from today, it is forbidden to ask apartment security guards for valet parking, etc.

This is a measure to prevent security guards from having to deal with chores other than security duties, such as cleaning, distributing bills, and delivering individual households by courier.

The management office said that it is preparing to change the system even though it is not a surrogate parking.

[Administrative office official: Residents leave their keys for convenience and go up.

If there is a safety problem, you can quickly get out of the car.

That's why I don't use the term valet parking.

It's mobile parking.]

[Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: I think that it is an excessive task other than security work.]

Also, delivery

of parcels

to individual households was prohibited, but there were still some places.

[Apartment security guard: If you are carrying heavy things, you have to do it, and you have to deliver the courier.

If you don't do that, your impression will change.] In

some complexes, the security guard is re-contracted as a manager to adjust the scope of work and salaries, and a solution is found in which the residents pay more.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-chul, video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)    

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