Many investors recently turned their backs on the euro area.

While equity investors invested more money in all other regions of the world via passive index funds (ETF) in September, they only withdrew money from the euro zone.

That emerges from a report presented on Thursday by the French fund company Amundi.

Tim Kanning

Editor in business.

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According to this, investors withdrew around EUR 900 million from ETFs focused on the euro area, while America ETFs, for example, rose by EUR 32.5 billion.

EUR 4.4 billion flowed into emerging market ETFs, and EUR 1.6 billion went to Japan.

Index funds, which are geared towards the entire European stock market, including markets such as Great Britain and Switzerland, received at least 777 million euros.

All in all, European investors invested 92.3 billion euros in new money in equity ETFs in the first nine months of the year.

Worldwide indices such as the MSCI World were the most popular with 44.4 billion euros, followed by America indices with 25.7 billion euros and emerging market indices with 7.9 billion euros.

Around the world, 803 billion euros flowed into ETFs.