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departure time is delayed by about an hour, but it is known that it is proceeding smoothly without any problems. Tensions are at their peak, and in fact, the probability of succeeding in a self-developed space rocket at once is said to be less than 30%. However, we expect to easily jump over this 30% wall today (21st).

Let's take a look at reporter Jeon Byung-nam's report.


Yesterday at 7:20 am, the Korean launch vehicle 'Nuriho' showed a magnificent appearance at the Naro Space Center assembly building.

The Taegeukgi and the name ‘Nuri’ are clearly visible on both sides of the first stage rocket fuselage.

The Nuri was loaded into a vibration-free special vehicle and moved slowly at the pace of an adult.

It took 1 hour and 25 minutes to reach the launch pad 1.8 km away.

Arriving at the launch pad, the Nuri was erected straight toward the sky with the help of a towing device.

Since it consists of 370,000 parts, it took 15 minutes to stand up to minimize impact and 1 hour and 20 minutes including fixing work.

Next, the connection between electricity and fuel supply facilities, which can be said to be the umbilical cord of the Nuri, was carried out.

[Seunghyup Oh / Special Researcher at Korea Aerospace Research Institute: After technical review, mechanical connection work was performed, and electrical devices inside the launch vehicle function normally... .]

Nuri is the crystallization of Korean space science, which has been completed through countless tests and modifications over the past 12 years.

If the Nuri is successfully launched, Korea will become the 7th country capable of launching a satellite of 1 ton or more.

Even the advanced countries in the world have succeeded in launching their own space rockets from the first launch, less than 30%.

However, Korea has the experience of successful test-fire of a 75-ton engine constituting a single-stage 300-ton engine in 2018.

Regardless of success or failure, it is evaluated that the experience of making and launching the Nuri with domestic proprietary technology will be a nourishment for the development of domestic space technology.

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