On October 20, the People's Bank of China officially issued the 2022 version of Panda precious metal commemorative coins, a set of 14 pieces.

Among them, 8 panda universal precious metal commemorative coins and 6 panda refined gold and silver commemorative coins are the legal tender of the People's Republic of China.

The front design of this set of commemorative coins is the Hall of Prayer for Good Years at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and the country name and year are published; the back design is the scene of giant panda skiing, supplemented by the "Panda Gold Coin Issuance 40th Anniversary Logo" element, and the denomination, weight and color are published.

Platinum commemorative coins were also issued this time.

Among them, the maximum circulation of 30g round platinum commemorative coins is 10,000, and the maximum circulation of 1g round platinum commemorative coins is 100,000.

  2022 is the 40th birthday of Panda Gold Coin.

To commemorate this special occasion, the 40th anniversary commemorative logo of the panda gold coin was launched for the first time.

(Making Yueziyan)

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