Tesla has another record quarter behind it.

The electric car maker reported a net profit of $ 1.6 billion for the past three months after the stock market closed on Wednesday.

It surpasses its previous high of $ 1.1 billion, which it had only set in the second quarter.

Roland Lindner

Business correspondent in New York.

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Overall, the numbers were above analysts' expectations. The share price was still slightly in the red in after-hours trading, but it has more than doubled in the past twelve months. Tesla currently has a market capitalization of more than $ 850 billion on the stock exchange, making it by far the highest-valued automaker in the world, despite its competitive sales figures.

In the past quarter, Tesla delivered more than 241,000 cars, more than ever before.

The company has been affected by the current supply chain bottlenecks that are affecting the entire industry.

For example, Tesla pointed to a shortage of semiconductors and congested ports.

The bottlenecks would also have led to higher costs.

CEO Elon Musk recently spoke at the shareholders' meeting of a "constant fight" for a supply of components this year.

Tesla plans to start operations in Austin by the end of the year

Nevertheless, Tesla managed a record profit, which, unlike in the past, was not due to emission points. That business had $ 279 million in revenue, a fraction of net income. In the first quarter of this year it was still higher than the total profit. Tesla gets these certificates from governments for the production of electric cars and then sells them to competitors who this helps them meet government emissions requirements. It's a lucrative business, but it has recently shrunk. The more other manufacturers bring out electric cars themselves, the less they need Tesla's certificates.

Tesla's earnings per share were $ 1.86 for the quarter, 27 cents better than expected.

Alyssa Altman of the Publicis Sapient consulting firm called the results "extremely strong".

The comparatively less complex product line helps Tesla to cope with the difficulties in the supply chain better than other companies.

As stated in the quarterly report, Tesla largely expects to get the still pending final approval for its new plant in Grünheide, Brandenburg, before the end of the year, and to start production there.

Tesla had originally hoped for a launch in July of this year.

Although the plant has not yet opened, Tesla had an open day here almost two weeks ago, to which Musk also flew in.

Tesla is still aiming to start operations at its new US plant in Austin, Texas, by the end of the year.

The second American production site for Tesla vehicles is being built there after the previous main plant in Fremont, California.

Tesla recently announced plans to move its corporate headquarters from California to Austin.

However, other projects have been delayed.

The production of his futuristic “Cybertrucks” pick-up transporter, which was originally due to start at the end of this year, is not expected in larger numbers until 2023.

The company also expects the first Tesla truck to be manufactured from 2023.

The vehicle with the name "Semi" was presented in 2017, when there was talk of a start of production in 2019.

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