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Between now and next spring, competition will be fierce on the Paris-Lyon train path.

The company Trenitalia or the Spanish Renfe will soon be launching the links between these two cities.

But the offensive against SNCF will not be immediately massive, believes Arnaud Aymé, transport specialist at SIA Partners. 

TGV Inoui, Ouigo, Trenitalia, Renfe ... Next spring, there will never be so many options for traveling by train between Paris and Lyon.

After the competition on the TER in the regions, SNCF is now seeing competition on the TGV.

It will start with the Italian operator, Trenitalia, which will launch its first trains in a few weeks on the very lucrative Paris-Lyon route.

And it will now be head-on competition, eventually with several operators for the same journey.

No immediate massive offensive

Unheard of for passengers, even if we should not expect a massive offensive from the start, recalls Arnaud Aymé, transport specialist at SIA Partners.

"New entrants first need to test the market, to take limited risks. But also to limit investments: when you enter the high-speed rail market, you have to buy your own trainsets, and so on. is 20 million euros each, ”he explains.

The idea for the competition is therefore to have only a limited number of trainsets and "to make a maximum of slots". 


Night trains, Ouigo ... For Djebbari, "the future of SNCF is low prices"

Pay attention to services

And the difference will not be made only on the price, it will be necessary to be attentive to the services.

Trenitalia French version will soon announce the opening of its ticket sales.

In Italy, the company offers four levels of standard, premium, business and Executive comfort.

And even meeting spaces in some cars. 

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