Mélanie Faure 2:14 p.m., October 19, 2021

Some homeowners have had a nasty surprise when they received their property tax. In 2020 again, the tax increased - the continuity of an increase which has not stopped for ten years and which now reaches the sum of 27.9%. The president of the UNPI, an association which protects the rights of owners, declared at the microphone of Europe 1 the need to regulate the property tax.

Should we regulate the property tax?

UNPI 25 Millions de Propriitaires, an association that works in defense of private owners, is publishing a report on Tuesday that attests to the soaring property tax over the years.

An increase of 27.9% recorded between 2010 and 2020, we learn in the 15th National Observatory of Property Taxes.

If the housing tax has been abolished for some owners, the property tax has increased from year to year.

Questioned by Europe 1, the president of the UNPI Christophe Demerson returns to this constant increase.

"This year, the owners put their hands in their pockets for 35 billion euros, against 23 billion euros ten years ago," he detailed.

"How far is this going to go?"

Christophe Demerson is sounding the alarm, citing cities like Nantes which have seen the numbers explode.

"These are cities that have heavily solicited owners," he laments.

"And it's true that we are worried because how far is it going to go? I think everyone should calm down and find a solution, or at least a golden rule for stabilize all that. The state has been able to regulate rents. "

The UNPI therefore asks for the regulation of the property tax.

"It still represents 2.3 months of rent on average. It's still huge. And when we say 2.3 months, if you live in Nantes, it is even more than that."


- What the property tax weighs in the finances of owners

The level of the property tax increase varies by region.

Indeed, the largest increase recorded is in Nantes, with + 37.5%.

The three cities with the highest taxes in France are: Nantes (56.42%), Amiens (55.87%) and Grenoble (54.72%).

The increases in the incidence rate are brutal: + 45% in Vendée, + 75% in Gers and sometimes even + 121% in Creuse.

In the departments of less than 100,000 inhabitants, the incidence rate climbs much faster than the others.

This is the case in Lozère, a department which is home to 76,000 inhabitants.

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