China News Service, Yinchuan, October 19 (Reporter Li Peishan) On October 19, the Yinchuan Education Bureau of Ningxia, in conjunction with the Municipal Approval Service Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, and Market Supervision Bureau, issued the "Regarding Compulsory Education Stage Students Subject to Off-campus Training The Notice on the Unified Registration of Institutions as Non-profit Organizations (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), clarified that by the end of 2021, off-campus training institutions for disciplines for compulsory education students will be registered as non-profit institutions for approval and legal person registration.

Registering as a non-profit organization means that the organizer of a non-profit private school is not allowed to obtain school-running income, and the school's school-running balance is used for running the school.

  The "Notice" requires the education departments of all counties (cities) and districts in Yinchuan to further find out the basics of off-campus training institutions, school content, stock courses, practitioners, etc., and copy the relevant information to the examination and approval agencies and registration agencies, and urge and guide off-campus training institutions in accordance with the law. Regulation and liquidation, actively apply for approval and registration, and provide support for the steady advancement of approval and registration.

Regarding violations of training institutions and cost disputes discovered during the supervision process, the examination and approval and registration authorities shall be notified in a timely manner, and they shall be properly handled to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.

  At the same time, all counties (cities) and districts in Yinchuan shall adopt corresponding methods for examination and approval and registration according to different types and situations. , Without violating the mandatory provisions of laws and regulations, under the premise of completing property liquidation confirmation and clarifying rights and obligations, adopt flexible registration and approval methods, relax capital verification requirements, cancel announcement time limits, one-window acceptance, and parallel approval to optimize services .

After an off-campus training institution obtains a non-profit school license, terminates the school, and changes the content of the school, it must be urged to apply for cancellation or change of its business license within 7 working days.

  In addition, the "Notice" also requires all counties (cities) and districts in Yinchuan to clarify their supervisory responsibilities. Regarding violations of discipline training in the name of educational consultation, cultural dissemination, off-campus trusteeship, and independent learning, the supervisory department or organization of joint law enforcement should be clarified. .

Those who do not choose to register as a non-profit legal person and do not stop the training activities shall terminate their school qualifications within the prescribed time limit.

  The education departments of all counties (cities) and districts in Yinchuan should actively strive for policy support, establish an off-campus training institution supervision agency, give full play to the role of the supervision platform, fund supervision account and grassroots grid management mechanism, and further regulate the school-running behavior of off-campus training institutions.


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