How to make renters more at ease

  The whole-process management of renting behavior needs to be improved (Jintai sight)

  Renting is a practical problem that many young people need to face. How to rent a satisfactory house is not easy.

How to let young people rent and live with peace of mind?

How can intermediaries, platforms, and relevant departments better protect the legitimate rights and interests of young renters?

Recently, this newspaper has successively received many letters from readers, reflecting personal experience and putting forward opinions and suggestions.

  Develop specialized large-scale market entities and guaranteed rental housing

  I just paid the whole year's rent to the intermediary, but the landlord told him that he "not received the rent" and asked to move out within a time limit; I lived in the rented house for a month or two, and found that there were quality problems and could not live, but the intermediary stated that "the contract has stipulations" as By refusing to withdraw the rent; some intermediaries even threaten the tenants to charge various fees with intimidation and other means... With the increasing number of young people renting houses, problems such as the irregular housing rental market and inadequate supervision have gradually aroused the public s concern.

  “The listing photos on some rental platforms are fake, and the prices are fake too. The purpose is to attract tenants to contact the intermediary, and then the intermediary uses routines to trick the tenant into signing a contract.” Ms. Sun, a reader from Shenzhen, Guangdong, said in a letter. The intermediary company and the rental platform generally belong to a cooperative relationship. Every time a client is successfully signed, the platform can charge the intermediary a high platform fee. “Therefore, the platform is not ignorant of the false housing information released by the intermediary, but in the specific interests In the face of this, the platform often chooses to release water during the review process. “In fact, the platform fee paid by the intermediary company has to be paid by the renter in the end”.

  The healthy development of the rental market will help alleviate the pressure on young people’s lives.

A provincial capital city in the southwest once investigated the rental situation of college students and other new citizens. The data showed that more than 60% of tenants suggested strengthening rent supervision, and nearly 50% said that tenants are relatively weak in the market and their rights and interests are not fully protected. They hope to provide efficient Rights protection services.

  A person in charge of an intermediary company said, “At present, the transaction volume of rental intermediary services in major cities accounts for a relatively high proportion of the total rental transactions. Reasonable regulation of the behavior of multi-party market entities in the rental market, especially the behavior of intermediaries, is crucial to the development of the rental market. He suggested that, in view of the long-term and healthy development of the entire industry, the rights, responsibilities and interests of market entities, including regulatory agencies, should be clarified, landlords, intermediaries, and platforms should be supervised in accordance with the housing and rental market regulations, the construction of regulatory agencies should be strengthened, and a dedicated market supervision team should be established.

  "We should improve the whole-process management of renting behavior and market entities in accordance with the law, including business entity qualifications, housing information release, lease contract online signing and filing, capital supervision, etc., and form a closed management loop through an information-based intelligent supervision platform to standardize operating behaviors. "Mr. Yang, a reader from Chengdu who has long been engaged in industrial planning and residential development in relevant departments, suggested building a credit information evaluation system for landlords and tenants, complementing each other with the credit reporting joint reward and punishment mechanism led by relevant departments. We should focus on development. Actively and orderly support specialized and large-scale rental companies, which is an important part of stimulating market vitality and enhancing the living experience".

  In recent years, some places have conducted a lot of useful explorations based on the living habits and new needs of young tenants such as college students.

For example, Nanjing, Jiangsu has built a rental information platform led by relevant departments. Individuals can publish housing through websites, mobile apps (APP), WeChat, etc., obtain verified information, flexibly handle filing, and have functions such as signing and evaluating. Help lessees reduce the risk of encountering black intermediaries.

  Shenzhen has newly revised the "Provisions on the Management of Rental Houses" to clarify the responsibilities of population and housing management agencies, and establish a system for reporting and safety hazards of rental houses.

The lessor shall urge the intermediary and other lessees to implement the regulations on production safety and fire protection, and promptly eliminate or urge them to rectify hidden safety hazards.

Relevant management agencies and their staff shall keep confidential all kinds of information in accordance with the law, and shall not disclose, trade or illegally use it.

  On the one hand, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development has focused on rectifying illegal group rentals in concentrated areas such as hospitals, schools, market commercial circles, industrial parks, and transportation hubs, and continued to increase law enforcement inspections; on the other hand, it has strengthened cooperation in key areas with relevant departments. Supervision and law enforcement, online and offline integration, online spot checks on the information release status of each platform, and offline inspections at their offices.

  “We should pay attention to the construction of rental housing and fire inspection, and speed up the introduction of relevant standards.” said Yu Xiaofen, director of the China Institute of Housing and Real Estate at Zhejiang University of Technology.

There are clear construction and fire protection acceptance standards for dormitory type and residential type. However, long-term rental apartments in various places are currently constructed and accepted with reference to hotel standards, and the functions of the two are quite different.

It is recommended that relevant departments speed up the promulgation of long-term rental apartment construction standards, fire protection inspection standards, and operation management standards.

  Renting is not a simple consumption, and online and offline links such as viewing, signing, living, and payment must be taken seriously

  Xiao Liu, a reader from Wuhan, Hubei, has recently been upset about renting a house.

"I just started working and I found a lot of houses and I was not satisfied with it, so I wanted to make a short-term lease transition first. I made it clear to the agent that I would only rent for two months, and he agreed. Later, when I took me to see the house, he asked me to pay it. A deposit of several hundred yuan.” Xiao Liu said, but when he was about to sign the contract, the intermediary said that he had to sign for one year, but he could help find a home after he lived for one and a half months. Two months and after subletting, the deposit is withdrawn. As a result, the intermediary took out a "deposit receipt", arguing that the "deposit" was the money paid only when the rent was confirmed, and it was impossible to refund it to me." For the deposit of several hundred dollars, Xiao Liu Negotiating back and forth with the intermediary, there has been no result.

  "The rental price is extremely low, air-conditioning, wireless network (WiFi) are all available, and it is located in a prime location in the city center..." Reader Xiao Wang, who just came to work in Wuxi, Jiangsu, saw such information on a local intermediary platform, and was moved.

He immediately added the other party's WeChat and paid a few hundred yuan deposit as required, but he didn't expect the other party to block him soon.

In desperation, Xiao Wang had to call the police.

"The police told me that a group of people often publish listing information on intermediary platforms that are far below the market quotation, and use this as a bait to defraud young people who have just started work." Xiao Wang said.

  For young people who have just started to work, renting a house is not a simple consumption they imagined. If you don’t understand renting-related knowledge and relevant policies and regulations, it is easy to fall into the trap, and the economic and time costs required to defend their rights are far away. Beyond their capacity.

Some readers have written to suggest that when renting a house, you should choose a formal intermediary, carefully choose subletting or intermediary platforms, and pay special attention to some platforms that have a short establishment time and only conduct business through the Internet.

  A letter from Xi’an reader Xiaotao reflected that the house he and his classmates rented together was a partitioned room. "The agent never explained this situation, and it was not mentioned in the contract. The house I live in is not equipped with air conditioning. In summer, The room is almost 40 degrees Celsius and I cannot live in it. For my doubts, the intermediary not only failed to solve the problem, but also had a bad attitude and threatened with words."

Later, Xiaotao learned that it was the intermediary who changed the structure of the house privately, and chose the cheapest materials, which are not environmentally friendly or fireproof.

"In the event of a fire, will the intermediary or the landlord be responsible?" Xiao Tao didn't know who to call for a while.

  Reader Xiao Zhang from Hefei City, Anhui Province signed a one-year rental contract through an online intermediary platform, but within three months, the landlord offered to sell the house.

"My mobile phone number was leaked by the landlord to other real estate agents, and people often come to see the house." Xiao Zhang said, because he could not guarantee the safety of personal property and renting, he asked the platform for a house change. The deposit is not refundable. Repeated communication to no avail, and now the intermediary does not even answer the phone."

  Check the information of all parties, check the details of the house, avoid paying high rents at one time, and improve the awareness of rights protection

  Publish false information, conceal important information affecting rentals, earn rental price differences, conduct rental consumer loan business in violation of regulations, violently evict tenants, maliciously deduct deposits, rents and other deposits or deposits... As some intermediaries are outside of supervision, some The landlord's legal awareness is weak, and the routines of the rental market make many renters hard to guard against.

  “Before renting a house, you must have the necessary understanding of the market and choose a formal intermediary with complete qualifications, good reputation and reliable quality.” Ms. Liao, a reader from Kunming City, Yunnan suggested that if you are not good at judgment, you should go to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System to inquire about intermediary registration Information, business status, administrative punishment records, etc., "especially be wary of small renting advertisements to prevent stray renting traps of black intermediaries."

  “The link of house verification is also very important. Some platforms have launched online AR viewings, but you can’t just look at photos and videos when looking for a house.” Ms. Liao reminded that you must inspect the house on the spot and control the details, such as apartment layout, lighting, and quietness. , Supporting facilities, etc., should also pay attention to the availability of water, electricity, home appliances, and the Internet, whether the water heater is safe, and whether the related expenses are settled. "In addition, you should also show valid certificates or copies of landlord ID cards, real estate certificates, etc., on request."

  "Don't be too troublesome when signing the contract. Read it word by word. Check the location area, facility furniture, lease term, payment and refund method, contract termination or change, and liability for breach of contract. Have you clearly written it down." Long engaged in the rental industry in Beijing The person in charge of Mr. Jin said that in particular, verbal promises should not be trusted, and the results of the negotiations should be reflected in the written contract to avoid future disputes.

  Hangzhou reader Mr. Pei suggested that when choosing a pure online service platform carefully, be sure to check the authorization agreement signed by the platform and the landlord to fully understand the rental rights, deadlines, and payment methods of the housing.

In terms of rent payment methods, on the one hand, there is no need for the so-called "rental mortgage" to avoid paying a large amount of money at one time. On the other hand, payment should be made to the platform's corporate account and not to the broker or individual salesperson casually.

"Now there are price wars among some platforms. We must be more vigilant to avoid being deceived if the housing price is significantly higher than the market, and the rental price is significantly lower than the market." Mr. Pei said.

  In addition, a number of readers said that they should raise awareness of rights protection, and keep necessary vouchers for taking photos and screenshots.

Once a dispute arises, these are all evidences required to protect rights in accordance with the law, and promptly lodge a complaint with relevant departments such as housing construction and market.

  Our reporter Huang Chao

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