As infection control measures for the new corona continue, the development of technologies that support conversations over acrylic plates and remote conversations is spreading among electrical equipment manufacturers.

Of these, Kyocera has developed a technology that converts the voice collected by the microphone into characters in real time and displays it as subtitles on the screen.

The characters are projected in reverse so that they can be read from the other side, which can help conversation through the acrylic board, and is expected to be used at government offices and airport counters.

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric is developing an application that can display the spoken words as characters by tracing the talking screen toward the tablet terminal, and screens on multiple terminals so that it can be used for remote communication. Can be shared.

It also has the function of translating and displaying spoken words into foreign languages ​​and writing conversations, which means that it is possible to communicate smoothly with foreigners and people with hearing impairments.

Takato Abe, director of the Mitsubishi Electric Integrated Design Laboratory, said, "It is a system that can be widely used in educational settings."

In addition, Sharp is also developing technologies that support communication with Wiz Corona among electrical appliances manufacturers, such as developing equipment that processes conversations through acrylic plates so that they are easy to hear.

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