China News Service, October 15 (Reporter Li Shuzheng) The impact of the new crown epidemic, coupled with the unilateralism and protectionism adopted by major economies... In recent years, the development of globalization is experiencing a countercurrent.

  On the 15th, in the round table dialogue session of the first New Financial Youth Forum, experts said when looking forward to the future financial development trend that the general trend of globalization is unstoppable.

  Tu Guangshao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Shanghai New Finance Research Institute, said in a dialogue that globalization itself must adapt to the requirements of the new economic development and social development pattern, "but the general trend of globalization is unstoppable."

  Liu Jun, President of the Bank of Communications, said that even though de-globalization has seriously affected the efficiency of the supply chain, the role and efficiency of the global supply chain still play an irreplaceable role in the development of the world economy.

  In the face of countercurrents, China is constantly advancing and opening up to the outside world.

In the process of China's expansion of financial opening, the construction of Shanghai's international financial center is an important part.

  In Tu Guangshao's view, the next step in the construction of Shanghai as an international financial center is to make up for shortcomings and increase advantages.

  The first main line continues to make up for shortcomings. The construction of Shanghai International Financial Center is a long track. The marketization process, the process of rule of law, and the process of internationalization need to be further accelerated, and the shortcomings should be made up when the advantages are used.

The other main thread is to seize the opportunity to gain advantage.

  What is the opportunity?

Both Tu Guangshao and Liu Jun said that green finance and digital finance are new tracks.

  "This is highly mirrored with the development process of globalization." Liu Jun believes that the "first half" of globalization focused on "creating wealth", but it caused an imbalance in the distribution of wealth; while the "second half" of globalization was Efforts should be made to solve the problem of uneven distribution of wealth.

  "Innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing are the main keynotes for the next step of development. The main keynote requires that the development of finance must be low-energy consumption." The role of finance in the real economy is to support operational efficiency.

Liu Jun said that in order to achieve green finance, we must first support the green economy.

At the same time, the financial industry should also undergo digital transformation to make a qualitative change in the overall operating model.

"Such development can truly realize the transformation of green finance." Liu Jun said.

  Based on the new development pattern and doing a good job in the "dual cycle" is another major direction for Shanghai to build an international financial center.

  "Shanghai is the best place to do this kind of experiment and this kind of innovation." In Liu Jun's view, Shanghai, which is rich in economy and financial resources, rich in human resources, and an open financial environment, is most likely to represent China in international finance. Occupy a place in the central pattern.

  Improve the construction of a diversified capital market, establish a trading center and pricing center for RMB assets, and further promote higher-quality RMB financial asset transactions and a global center for risk allocation of RMB assets.

Liu Jun believes that only with these points can the Shanghai International Financial Center achieve high-quality opening up.

  "Through the international process of building Shanghai as an international financial center, it can lead the better development of the entire country's financial system." Tu Guangshao said.


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