In a survey that indexes consumption trends based on credit card usage information, last month it decreased by 5.6% compared to before the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

We can see consumers who continue to refrain from going out.

Data analysis company Nowcast and credit card giant JCB publish an index that looks at consumption trends after protecting privacy based on card usage information.

According to this, last month's index decreased by 5.6% from the average of the same month for the three years up to 2018, which was before the spread of the new coronavirus, for the 10th consecutive month of decrease.

By field, "transportation" was minus 59.7%, "travel" was minus 38.9%, and "restaurant" was minus 32.4%, showing a large decrease, and we can see consumers who are willing to continue refraining from going out.

On the other hand, “content distribution” such as videos increased by 124.4%, and “Internet shopping” also increased by 52.5%.

Regarding the outlook for the future, the company surveyed said, "While it is expected that consumption will recover by lifting the state of emergency, we would like to carefully look at how many people will go on trips and meals."

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