China News Agency, Beijing, October 15 (Reporter Zhou Rui) The National Development and Reform Commission of China disclosed on the 15th the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Child-Friendly Cities" jointly issued by multiple ministries and commissions.

  The "Opinions" stated that by 2025, through the establishment of 100 child-friendly cities nationwide, the concept of child-friendliness will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Child-friendliness requires social policies, public services, rights protection, growth space, development environment, etc. fully reflect.

  Looking forward to 2035, it is estimated that more than 50% of the country’s cities with a population of more than one million will develop child-friendly cities. About 100 cities will be named as national child-friendly cities. Child-friendliness has become an important indicator of high-quality urban development. With social consensus and the consciousness of the whole people, children enjoy a better life.

  In terms of policy-friendliness, the "Opinions" require that the formulation of urban economic and social development plans give priority to the needs of children and promote the allocation of public resources to meet the needs of children.

Urban planning and construction introduces the children's perspective of "seeing the city at a height of 1 meter", and promotes the integration of child-friendly concepts into urban planning and construction.

  In terms of public service-friendliness, the "Opinions" require that the supporting kindergarten policies in urban communities be strictly implemented, the compulsory education exemption system for nearby enrollment should be improved, and the equal right to education of migrant children should be guaranteed.

At the same time, rationally plan the layout and functions of cultural and sports facilities, promote the free opening of libraries, cultural centers, and art galleries to children, and organize activities such as reading promotion, theatrical performances, and exhibition tours for children.

  In terms of rights protection and friendship, the "Opinions" call for caring for orphans and children who are de facto unsupported.

Improve the management of child adoption registration and promote the implementation of an adoption evaluation system.

Implement basic medical insurance policies for orphans, left-behind children, and children in need, and implement classified assistance.

  In terms of friendly growth space, the "Opinions" require the strengthening of urban blocks, communities, roads, schools, hospitals, parks, public libraries, sports venues, green spaces, public transportation and other service facilities and venues to adapt to the transformation.

Promote the establishment of play areas and recreational facilities in cities and country parks, rationally transform and utilize green areas, and increase children's outdoor activities space.

  Regarding the development of environmental friendliness, the "Opinions" require that the construction of family tutoring and family traditions be promoted, and a collaborative education system for schools, families and society should be established.

Strengthen online environmental protection, focus on key links and applications of children's Internet access, such as online live broadcasts and online games, and severely investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations.

Do a good job in the prevention and control of student bullying, effectively prevent incidents of sexual assault and domestic violence, strictly implement the mandatory reporting system for cases of violations of minors, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of children.


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