China News Service, Ningbo, October 14 (Reporter Lin Bo) As a major domestic manufacturing city, Ningbo, Zhejiang is known as an "industrial city."

As the new generation of information technology is deeply integrated into economic and social development, how does Ningbo’s manufacturing industry “establish a market”?

  “The digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry is an important part of the digital reform in the economic field.” On October 14, Zhang Shifang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, participated in the 2021 World Digital Economy Conference and the 11th Smart City Conference According to the press conference of the Smart Economy Expo, the city will build on its basic advantages, focus on the theme of digital empowerment of high-quality manufacturing, and promote the integration and development of digital technology and manufacturing in a broader, deeper and higher level.

  Ningbo is an important advanced manufacturing base in the country and the economic center of the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta. Industry is the pillar industry of Ningbo's economy.

  During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the city has further promoted the construction of a strong manufacturing city, and the comprehensive industrial economic strength has reached a new level. The total scale has been ranked first in Zhejiang Province and ranked among the top ten cities in the country. The industrial added value accounts for the city's GDP. The proportion is stable above 43%.

  Zhang Shifang explained that, in the early stage, Ningbo combined with the actual development of the industry, in-depth implementation of the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and "5G + Industrial Internet" pilot applications, which greatly improved the city's manufacturing digital application capabilities and explored "5G + industrial Internet + intelligent manufacturing". Path to Ningbo.

Workshop of a manufacturing enterprise in Ningbo.

Li Dianshe

  The data shows that up to now, the city has implemented 258 municipal digital workshops/smart factory projects, 33 provincial digital workshops/smart factories, and 8 provincial "future factories" (including pilots and cultivation); Haishu, Zhenhai, Beilun, Yinzhou, and Cixi were included in the provincial new smart manufacturing area (industrial cluster) pilot project. The basic, industry, and enterprise three-level industrial Internet platform system was initially formed, and a total of 17 national industrial Internet awards were included.

  The 2020 Ningbo Industrialization and Industrialization Integration Index is 102.49, ranking second in Zhejiang Province.

  Zhang Shifang said that Ningbo strives to add more than 10 national industrial Internet platforms by 2025, build more than 15 provincial-level "future factories", build more than 350 municipal digital workshops/smart factories, and build a "5G+Industrial Internet" pilot More than 200 projects will be built to become a new highland of international intelligent manufacturing and a leading city in the industrial Internet.

  In the context of the strong development of the "digital engine", Ningbo, which has "numbers" in mind, upholds the concept of "wisdom governance", using digital technology as a means to focus on the future, so that the industry will "think" more intelligently.

Production workshop of a manufacturing enterprise in Ningbo.

Li Dianshe

  Zhang Shifang said that Ningbo will focus on improving the application level, innovation supply and support capabilities, focusing on the implementation of new intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstrations, breakthroughs in independent innovation capabilities, the integration and application of emerging technologies, the optimization of intelligent manufacturing ecology, the upgrading of soft and hard supporting industries, and production The factor guarantee helps the six major actions and promotes the further popularization and application of the new intelligent manufacturing model.

  At the same time, the city will continue to promote the development of Industrial Internet and smart manufacturing, and implement the road of industrial Internet development that promotes innovation through integration, innovation through innovation, and development through applications.

  "Focus on six aspects, including consolidation of new infrastructure, outstanding key technology capabilities, deepening of integrated innovative applications, systematic upgrading of platforms, ecological prosperity of industrial development, and strong security guarantees." Zhang Shifang said that the city will strive to build a leading infrastructure, The four highlands of technological innovation, integrated application gathering place and industrial development gathering place, strive to build a leading industrial Internet city with first-class infrastructure, outstanding technological innovation, outstanding application characteristics, industrial ecological prosperity, and strong security guarantee.


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