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What is carbon peaking and carbon neutrality?

  CCTV News: What is carbon peaking and carbon neutrality?

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  What is carbon peaking and carbon neutrality?

Before clarifying this issue, let's talk about carbon first.

What we call carbon in terms of carbon emission reduction, carbon trading, carbon footprint, low-carbon, and even zero-carbon refers to all kinds of greenhouse gases emitted from human production and life.

In order to facilitate statistical calculations, people convert these greenhouse gases into carbon dioxide equivalents according to their varying degrees of impact, so carbon dioxide is often used to refer to greenhouse gases.

  Carbon peak refers to a certain region or industry where annual greenhouse gas emissions have reached the highest value in history. It is the historical turning point of greenhouse gas emissions from increasing to decreasing. It marks the economic development from high energy consumption and high emissions to clean and low energy consumption. The change of model.

  Carbon neutrality refers to the total amount of carbon emitted directly and indirectly by human activities within a certain period of time (usually a year) in a certain area, which offsets the total amount of carbon absorbed through afforestation, industrial carbon sequestration, etc., to achieve carbon net zero emission.

  Carbon peak and carbon neutrality complement each other.

Since the total amount of carbon that can be absorbed by afforestation and industrial carbon sequestration is relatively fixed, far less than the amount of carbon emitted by industrial development, in order to realize the vision of carbon neutrality, it is necessary to formulate and implement a carbon peak plan. Reverse the growing trend of carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, the higher the carbon emission peak, the better. The higher the peak, the more difficult and time-consuming carbon neutralization is.

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