Recently, the fourth phase of the Douyin "Mengzhi Project", which aims to support young intellectual creators in the long-term, was officially launched.

This issue will increase efforts to incubate and serve young content creators, and raise the requirements for the construction of systematic content.

While Douyin continues to build a high-quality content ecosystem, it is also constantly providing creators with new opportunities.

  Platforms such as Douyin are emerging as new ways to acquire knowledge.

Through fresh and interesting forms of expression, more professional institutions and high-quality creators participate in content production, which promotes the popularization and inclusiveness of knowledge production, and makes hard-core knowledge easy to transfer.

As an important part of netizens, young people, how to better support content creators and provide young people with healthy, high-quality and high-quality cultural and educational content has become the key to the problem.

  The "Mengzhi Project" is catering to this industry trend.

As a new window of knowledge born under the new situation, Douyin not only helps content creators realize their personal value to a greater extent, but also brings more possibilities for young people to view the world.

More importantly, Douyin is also continuing to increase its efforts to ensure the safety of the platform, helping to build a better community ecology, and allowing youth content creation to develop in a healthier and positive direction.

  Joining the "Mengzhi Project" was regarded as a big surprise by @开心娜娜 and the moon baby account operation team.

This animation is from the same creative team as "Teletubbies" and "Garden Babies", and is the third of the "Baby Trilogy".

In the past, they seldom set foot in Douyin. With the support of the "Mengzhi Project", they were able to shine on the Douyin platform in just a few months.

  While these content creators are realizing a little bit of personal value, children can also absorb more good knowledge and good content on Douyin.

  Even a chopstick, a color, there are stories of ancient culture to tell.

@正好Grandpa's storytelling speaker Zheng Xujian, as a visiting professor at Peking University and Tsinghua University, majored in management, and studying Chinese traditional culture has been his major hobby for many years.

Telling Chinese cultural stories on Douyin's youth platform, "What I want to do is to present the excellent Chinese traditional culture with positive and positive content to the young people within the scope of my cognition."

  In terms of content delivery for young people, it is not enough to simply achieve high-quality and colorful content.

Especially in the digital age, creating a clean and clear online environment for young people is an even more important issue.

(Photo courtesy of Vigorous Education)

  The vibrato's youth mode always escorts children in terms of safety.

In terms of entry method and access time, the youth mode has made strict regulations: real-name authentication users under the age of 14 directly enter the youth mode and cannot exit by themselves.

In the youth mode, the user can only use it for 40 minutes a day, and cannot use it from 10pm to 6pm the next day.

  In addition, Douyin's youth model has also established a content screening mechanism, where children can only see and search for a large amount of interesting knowledge content after selection.

Parents can also select age-appropriate quality content by setting the age of their children.

In order to protect eyesight, the youth mode can also set the eye protection mode to help resist harmful blue light.

  TikTok accumulates high-quality youth content through the "Mengzhi Project", hoping to help children broaden their horizons, see a bigger world, and achieve the goal of "stimulating the curiosity of every teenager and the motivation to explore the world".

At the same time, it has also put a "lock" on the ecology of high-quality content to protect the rights of young people to use the Internet in a safe and healthy manner, so that children can safely access high-quality content, and use technology to accompany the healthy growth of children.

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