Chinanews, Dalian, October 13 (Reporter Yang Yi) More than 600 projects, the wisdom of more than 3,000 young talents, covering technological innovation, rural revitalization, the Internet, social enterprises... After 4 months of fierce competition, 2021 The final of the "Creating Youth" Liaoning Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ended in Dalian on the 12th.

  The competition was co-sponsored by 11 departments including the Communist Youth League Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Network Information Office, and the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education, and was undertaken by the Dalian Youth League Municipal Party Committee and the Jinpu New District Management Committee.

The picture shows the final awards scene.

Photo courtesy of Dalian Municipal Committee

  The competition will be divided into three stages: regional competition (preliminary), provincial competition (semi-final), and provincial competition (final). There are four categories: technological innovation, rural revitalization, Internet and social enterprises.

According to the entrepreneurial stage of the participating projects and the age of the company, the innovation group, the start-up group and the growth group are divided into different groups.

Since the start of the competition in August, young people from all over the province and cities have actively participated, and a total of more than 600 projects have entered the semi-finals.

In the end, 110 projects entered the final finals.

  At the final site, a total of 12 gold medals, 23 silver medals, and 35 bronze medals were produced. The award-winning projects received corresponding certificates issued by the organizing committee.

Twelve projects including "Hot Eye Golden Eye-Liquid Metal Form Detector in Mould" won gold awards in twelve categories, and 23 projects including "Intelligent Bearing Manufacturing Based on Industrial Internet" won silver awards in twelve categories. 35 projects including Bo Energy have won bronze awards in twelve categories.

The picture shows Zhang Baodong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of the Liaoning League, giving a speech.

Photo courtesy of Dalian Municipal Committee

  During the competition, 31 projects and investors reached investment intentions, including the chemical liquid supply system SDS in the semiconductor chip production process, the regional IP to create a global tourism demonstration base, the eye-catching eye-liquid metal form detector in the mold, and the hundred fans Juwen Creation-based on the design and creation of the client demand of the Hangfan culture brand under the financial media, Hi learning, the intelligent management system for the meeting of the Zhongke prison, the precise docking project for the employment creation of college students and the "smart agriculture" rural revitalization, the future of wisdom-5G wisdom Eight projects including the transportation fine assistance platform were signed on-site.

  Zhang Baodong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of the Liaoning League, said that youth are the backbone of Liaoning’s economic and social development. Young makers must strive to be "dream chasers", "pathfinders", "doers" and "navigators" to contribute to the economic and social development of Liaoning. Actively contribute.

  Yin Weijun, member of the Standing Committee of the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, extended a sincere invitation to young talents in the province.

Yin Weijun said that Dalian will provide a better environment and conditions for youth innovation and entrepreneurship with the most attentive service and the most convenient business environment.

  At the Liaoning Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Conference held at the same time, the organizer organized participating project players to visit national new districts, listed companies, high-tech enterprises, national technology business incubators, etc., invited well-known industry experts to hold keynote forums, and increased The integration of investment and financing has helped more outstanding participating projects settle in the industrial park, opening up the "last mile" of project implementation and transformation.