The Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the central bank of the United States, released the minutes of last month's meeting, and if it officially decided to reduce the scale of quantitative easing earlier next month, it will actually be reduced in the middle of next month. It turns out that the idea of ​​starting was shared.

At last month's meeting, the Fed decided to make a policy shift next month called "tapering," which will reduce the scale of quantitative easing that it has continued to respond to the new coronavirus in response to the economic recovery and rising prices. Shown.

According to the minutes released on the 13th, the meeting discussed how to proceed with tapering, and shared a plan to start reducing the scale of purchases of government bonds, etc. in the middle of next month or mid-December.

The Fed is currently buying $ 120 billion in government bonds every month, of which government bonds are being considered to be reduced by $ 10 billion and mortgage-related securities by $ 5 billion each month, and the economic recovery is going well. If so, they also shared a policy that it would be appropriate to end quantitative easing in the middle of next year.

The Fed is expected to formally decide on a policy shift at a meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of next month, but the US economy has recently been facing issues such as sluggish employment, so what is the scale and pace of the contraction? It seems that the focus will be on whether it will be discussed in.

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