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  • Emmanuel Macron unveils this Tuesday his investment plan "France 2030" estimated at several tens of billions of euros.

  • The aim of this plan is to revive the competitiveness of French industry by launching projects for the future.

  • “France 2030” should concern the nuclear, artificial intelligence, space, automotive, energy and aeronautics sectors.



Nuclear: Why does France not want to be left behind on SMR, pocket reactors?


“France 2030” plan: For industry, the key issue of recruitment

9:30 am: "Responding to the challenges of our time"

According to the Elysée press release, this plan "intends to respond to the major challenges of our time, in particular the ecological transition, through a massive investment plan to bring out the future technological champions of tomorrow and support the transitions of our sectors. of excellence, automotive, aeronautics or even space ”.

Hello and welcome to this live dedicated to Emmanuel Macron's announcements concerning the “France 2030” investment plan. 

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