In the Tokyo crude oil market on the 11th, futures prices, which are the core of transactions, have remained at the highest level for the first time in three years while international crude oil prices are rising.

On the 11th of the Tokyo crude oil market, the futures price for March next year, which will be the center of transactions, reached 54,390 yen per kiloliter after 10 am, setting a new record high.

This is the highest level in three years since October 2018.

Overseas, the WTI futures price, which is an indicator of international crude oil prices in the New York market on the 8th of last week, exceeded $ 80 a barrel, the highest price in about 7 years.

The background is that while economic activity has resumed globally and demand has increased, major oil-producing countries have left production volume unchanged next month.

As a result, gasoline prices continue to rise in Japan, and there are concerns about the impact of rising procurement costs on corporate performance.

Regarding the outlook for the future, market officials said, "Crude oil futures prices will rise further, saying that China's efforts to curb coal-fueled thermal power generation toward decarbonization may increase demand for crude oil. There is a point of view. "