While demand for cameras is declining due to the spread of smartphones, manufacturers are trying to cultivate demand for cameras with products and services that are conscious of smartphone users, such as unique functions and the creation of devices to enjoy shooting. ..

Of these, Canon is developing a digital camera that allows you to easily take pictures even at moments when it is difficult to take pictures with your smartphone.

We have commercialized a telescope-like object that allows you to shoot a distant subject with one hand, and a desktop type that moves the lens and neck up, down, left, and right to track the facial expressions of people spending time in the room and shoot automatically. bottom.

On the other hand, FUJIFILM Imaging Systems opened a new photo shop in Tokyo this month in order to attract people who are not familiar with cameras.

We invite visitors to experience full-scale photography with their own cameras in the studio for a fee and provide the data.

We also offer services such as processing photos taken with a smartphone into a wall mount, and converting instant camera photos into digital data.

President Koji Matsumoto said, "Because of the corona sickness, the time spent at home has increased, and not only are photos left as data, but the ways of enjoying them are diversifying."

According to industry groups, domestic shipments of digital cameras last year decreased by 44% from the previous year due to the spread of smartphones and refraining from going out due to the corona disaster, but manufacturers have more opportunities to shoot. It will be interesting to see if new initiatives will lead to the digging up of camera demand.