Aiming to acquire "Kansai Supermarket" based in Hyogo Osaka, "OK" based in the Tokyo metropolitan area will send a document calling on shareholders of Kansai Super to oppose the business integration with the operating company of Hankyu Hanshin Department Store. Clarified.

OK said that Kansai Super, which had proposed a takeover bid for TOB = shares, announced a business merger with H2O Retailing, which operates Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, and said it was against the merger. After that, I asked Kansai Super to show detailed business plans for the future.

Under these circumstances, OK announced that it would call on the shareholders of Kansai Super to oppose the merger proposal at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders scheduled for 29th of this month, and announced that it will be sent in writing soon.

"We do not call for delegation of voting rights at the general meeting," but the document states that the business integration with two supermarkets under H2O is expected to significantly increase profits in the future. It is said that it claims that the explanation is insufficient.

On the other hand, Kansai Super has shown that the business integration with H2O is the best option, such as unifying suppliers and improving management efficiency such as joint delivery, and which one can get the approval of shareholders. The offense and defense for the general meeting is becoming more intense.