For weeks, the gas price has only known one direction: up. Smart investors have long since stocked up on corresponding exchange-traded commodity products (ETC) such as the one with the securities identification number PB6GAS and are enjoying rising prices. From just under 8 euros in January, things went up month after month to 20 euros this week. Knowing what to buy in January is only of limited use. What is more interesting is what happens next. Russia denies artificially tightening gas in order to drive up the price until the Europeans give up their opposition to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and grant the appropriate operating permits. In fact, other energy prices, such as oil, are also rising without there being a pipeline dispute there. So maybe it's just the world's hunger for energythat gas and oil are becoming more expensive, where countries like Germany are reducing their energy supply by phasing out nuclear power and coal.

Daniel Mohr

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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Anyone who believes that prices will continue to rise can buy this security.

It participates in the December contract on natural gas of the American grade Henry Hub, traded on the Nymex exchange.

The contract is changed in November because the investor doesn't really want the natural gas delivered.

When changing contracts, known as “roles” in technical terms, there may be losses for the investor.

In the past few months, however, this has been far more than offset by price increases.

Those who consider the whole energy price spook to be completely exaggerated, however, will also find enough products for falling gas prices, for example the leveraged product PH5L09.

But be careful, this is only something for short-term speculation with money that is not used elsewhere, and has nothing to do with investments for retirement provision.