French brand Chanel has decided to limit the number of purchases per person for some domestic products starting this month.

Chanel announced that from the 1st of this month, a person can purchase only one item of popular line items such as 'Timeless Classic Flap Bag' and 'Coco Handle Handbag' per year.

In addition to this, in the 'Small Leather Goods' category, it is prohibited to purchase more than two items of the same product per year.

Chanel's Quantity Limits are intended to limit the purchase of multiple popular items, such as buying a bag and resell at a higher price, and allow more people to purchase at full price.

A department store official said, "There is still a queue of 'Open Run' waiting in line from dawn in front of the Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel stores, which are called 'the three major luxury goods'."

Hermès also limits the purchase of two bags of the same design per customer per year.

(Photo = Captured from Chanel website, Yonhap News)