This year, the National Day stall broke out against the trend, and the total box office exceeded 4 billion yuan

"Changjin Lake" shocked the audience to ignite the market

  Our reporter Yuan Yuner

  4.38 billion yuan!

No one thought that only with the two main themes of the film "Changjin Lake" and "Me and My Fathers", the National Day file in 2021 would actually break out against the trend, and the total box office ranked second in the National Day file of Chinese film history, second only The 2019 National Day file before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

"Changjin Lake" became a hit, and "My Father and Me" also performed well. The two blockbusters completely ignited the long-lost film market. This shows that excellent themed films have extraordinary market potential.

Two main theme blockbusters prop up the market

  From the perspective of the schedule and the number of new films released, this year's National Day file does not have an advantage compared to last year and the year before.

There are a total of eight holidays in the 2020 National Day holiday, and the 2019 National Day holiday has not yet been affected by the epidemic.

In 2020, there will be four head films of "My Hometown and Me", "Jiang Ziya", "Winning the Championship" and "Vanguard". In 2019, there will be three head films of "My Country and My Country", "Captain of China" and "The Climber". The film was released.

In contrast, the 2021 National Day file not only faces a 75% attendance limit, but some areas have even adopted stricter epidemic prevention measures for theaters; most importantly, during the seven-day holiday, only two main themes are supported.

  But judging from the final results, the 2021 National Day file that was originally at a disadvantage has achieved unprecedented good results, which is surprising.

Judging from the single-day box office during the period, from October 1st to October 7th (as of 22:00 last night), the single-day box office for each day exceeded 600 million yuan. Among them, the largest market was on October 6, reaching 6.62. 100 million yuan.

In addition, the seven-day box office trend has seen an obvious "reverse decline" phenomenon, that is, the single-day box office of each day has increased compared with the previous day, which is also relatively rare in long periods such as National Day and Spring Festival.

This year's National Day file not only greatly boosted the confidence of the industry, but also proved that as long as there is a supply of high-quality films, the audience's enthusiasm for watching movies is still high.

  Another phenomenon of this year’s National Day file is that attracted by the two main themes of "Changjin Lake" and "My Fathers and Me", many people went to the theater with their families to watch the movie. As long as the movie can resonate with the audience, it can break the audience. The age barrier makes middle-aged and elderly audiences willing to enter the theater.

"Changjin Lake" impresses the audience with the most sincere emotions

  As one of the largest films in Chinese film history, "Changjin Lake" has attracted much attention with its overwhelming publicity long before it was released. After it was released, the film did not disappoint the expectations and became a phenomenal hit.

As of 18:00 on October 7, the box office of the film has exceeded 3.3 billion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the total box office of the National Day stall.

In addition, the film also broke a number of records in Chinese film history: the highest box office in a single day in the National Day file, the highest box office in a single day in a movie history war movie, the box office champion in the movie history National Day file, and the box office champion in movie history war theme movies.

At present, the film has ranked among the top ten box office in Chinese film history, and temporarily ranked fourth in the global box office in 2021.

  The reason why such dazzling results can be achieved, first of all, is due to the film's significant breakthrough and improvement in the domestic war genre.

The production scale of the film is unprecedented in Chinese film history, and the production team behind it has reached the top level of domestic movies in all aspects: the main creative team led by Huang Jianxin, Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark, and Lin Chaoxian, Wu Jing, Yi Yan Qianxi, Hu Jun, Duan Yihong, Li Chen, Zhu Yawen and other all-star lineups, art, costume props, and visual effects are also the highest configuration.

The film restores the cruel battlefield to resist US aggression and aid Korea in a panoramic view. The magnificent industrialized visual effects, the real and tragic war scenes, and the intense and exciting plot of confrontation between the enemy and the enemy all give the audience in the theater an extremely shocking audio-visual enjoyment.

  But to truly satisfy the audience, it is not enough to rely on audiovisual effects alone. The reason why "Changjin Lake" can trigger a movie-watching boom in the country and produce influence and sensational effects beyond the film field is ultimately due to the fact that the film has created a group of people. The image of the brave, tenacious, fearless and sacrificed volunteer army highlights the lofty and firm revolutionary conviction and patriotic spirit.

The mood of the times conveyed by the film has a high emotional resonance with national audiences, so it has been sincerely recognized by them.

  "'We have fought all the battles that should be fought, and our offspring won't have to fight anymore.' This sentence is so touching!" "The volunteers ate the ice potatoes, but they used their blood to defend their home and the country." "' The greatness of "Bing Diaolian" cannot be expressed in words." The comments written by these audiences on social platforms illustrate the success of "Changjin Lake" in emotional transmission.

In many theaters, the audience was solemn after the film was shown, and some people started to stand up and pay tribute when the subtitles were broadcast.

"Changjin Lake" moved the audience, and also inspired the future main theme creation to work hard to express emotions and impress the audience with the most sincere and moving emotions.

"Me and My Fathers" successfully continued the "Me and My" series

  Under the dazzling light of "Changjin Lake", "My Father and Me", which was released at the same time, seemed a little bleak.

However, judging from box office data and word-of-mouth evaluation, "Me and My Fathers" still has an outstanding performance of over 1 billion yuan, which is a successful continuation of the "Me and My" series.

  The film is ordered by time and chapter by generation. The four "cross-over" directors brought the audience a rich viewing experience through four short films of different styles.

The four chapters of the film extol the spirit of the War of Resistance, the spirit of "two bombs and one star", the spirit of reform and opening up, and the spirit of scientists.

These spirits highly summarize the Chinese people's bold exploration in struggle, creation and dreams, and are spiritual wealth worth remembering and passing on.

  "My Fathers and Me" first verified the feasibility of the main theme film creation model, and successfully cultivated the audience's viewing habits for this type of film.

Starting from "My Motherland and Me", this series of films has created a brand-new main theme film mode, that is, a collection of short films of the same title directed by multiple directors.

The theme is the same, the themes and styles are different, and the all-star lineup allows the audience to see different expressions in a film.

After the audience training of the first two films, the success of "My Fathers and Me" also shows that the audience is already familiar with the format of this series, and even enthusiastically compares the artistic level of each short film.

  Compared with the first two in this series, the film also has a certain degree of breakthrough.

The number of short films has gone from seven, to five, and then to four now. The reduction in the number has brought more space for expression, so that the main creator can tell a story more calmly within the specified time.

The four directors this time can be said to be cross-border players. They chose a smaller perspective, but their emotions are more delicate.

Although it is the main theme, this time "My Fathers and Me" is cut from the perspective of the family. It reflects the spirit of the times and the feelings of the family and the country through the stories of parents and children, and it is reasonable to gain a good reputation.