China News Service, October 7th (Reporter Xu Jing) As an international metropolis, Shanghai has always been a "strong magnetic field" for talents from all over the world.

After years of development, the total human resources in Shanghai has reached 6.75 million, and a human resource policy system of "attracting, retaining, using, and flowing" has basically been formed.

  A large number of high-level talents of all kinds who "enter with pleasure and make the best of their talents, and admire the wind from afar" have felt Shanghai's continuous goodwill towards talents.

Accompanied by this, in recent years, a series of "seeking for talented people" and attentive services have "flowered".

  At the same time, Shanghai's talent innovations continue to emerge.

The proportion of Shanghai won the National Science and Technology Award for 19 consecutive years has maintained more than 10%, and the first prizes in 2019 and 2020 accounted for more than 20% of the country. Papers published in journals account for more than 25% of the country's total.

  At the newly held 2021 Haiju Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit, relevant departments in Shanghai released a list of high-level talents demanded by “Thousands of Enterprises and Ten Thousands of Jobs”, covering 2,944 households and 14,122 high-level talent positions, including those with an annual salary of more than one million yuan. There are more than 200 jobs, nearly 1,000 jobs of more than 600,000 yuan, and more than 2,000 jobs of more than 300,000 yuan, covering many fields such as finance, high-end manufacturing, education and health, biomedicine, aerospace and so on.

  In order to stimulate the innovation motivation of scientific and technological personnel, Shanghai has also launched the "Revealing the List and Leading the Commander" research project to various types of enterprises in Shanghai, including state-owned enterprises, municipal state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, and private enterprises, covering more than 600 enterprises in Shanghai.

  Once the phoenix tree is planted, how can more phoenixes come here to "build their nests"?

Shanghai proposes: tailor-made services for talents.

Shanghai Customs announced that it will implement measures to facilitate the customs clearance of scientific and technological talents and their entry and exit items.

In the future, science and innovation talents and their inbound and outbound scientific research, teaching and personal use items can enjoy related services, including online processing of inbound and outbound item approval business, fast customs clearance, on-the-go, and priority appointments for infectious disease monitoring and physical examinations.

  One of the city’s core competitiveness is “reducing talents without sticking to one pattern”. Shanghai takes the lead in developing strategic emerging industries such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and biomedicine, and promotes the development of talent evaluation standards led by leading companies; continuing to “authorize” "Untie", break the barriers of talent development system and mechanism, "increase motivation and vitality" for talents and employers, and release the source of innovation.

  Benefiting from the improvement of the reward mechanism for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements proposed in 2016, the terahertz team of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology became the first scientific research team to improve the ability of "paper to money".

This university also downplays the personal assessment of leading talents, does not use thesis as the only assessment standard, and incorporates disciplines, team building and young teacher training into the key assessment content, and explores "the overall assessment of the team", and young teachers are not bound by the thesis. ".

  Introducing talents through competitions and selecting talents through competitions are also important measures for Shanghai to attract talents.

Yangpu District has entrusted social institutions to carry out the Shanghai Yangpu “Entrepreneurship Star” competition in a market-oriented manner for five consecutive years by looking for “entrepreneurial stars”, and unearthed a number of unicorn and quasi-unicorn companies such as YouKede.

  "In particular, enterprises must support young talents to take the lead and play the leading role, and strive to build a talent team that loves the party and serves the country, is dedicated to work, has outstanding technological innovation capabilities, and is good at solving complex engineering problems." Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise Federation President, Shanghai Qi Fang Qizhong, chairman of the Shi Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., said that technology companies aim at the frontiers of academic research. On the one hand, they introduce innovative and entrepreneurial teams, and on the other hand, they cultivate independent scientific and technological talents, which promotes the accelerated integration of the talent chain with the industrial chain and the innovation chain.

  Shanghai’s "14th Five-Year Plan" proposes to fully establish the strategic position of talents leading the development, expand the influence of the "Haijuying Talents" brand, further implement a more open and more convenient policy for the introduction of talents, gather large-scale domestic and overseas talents, and accelerate the formation The talent system with global appeal and international competitiveness has become a city of opportunity and a dream capital for the world's talents.

  Hu Wenrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the head of the Organization Department, said that Shanghai will burn the flames of innovation and entrepreneurship more vigorously, open the door to attracting talents, and build a stronger foundation for quality of life, so that everyone is struggling. Brilliant, the city will always remain vigorous and vigorous in everyone's brilliance.