Aurélien Fleurot 7:50 am, October 6, 2021

The level of train use by business travelers is not yet that before the Covid crisis, but several signals make the company optimistic.

So much so that the train even hopes to attract even more professionals for journeys where the plane will no longer be recommended.


It is a vital clientele for SNCF: business travelers represent 40% of turnover in TGV activity, for only 20% of total traffic.

Before the summer, the SNCF estimated at around 20% the lasting decrease in professional journeys.

But for the past three months, the trains have been filling up again.

About 60% of the business clientele were back in September and the outlook is good: trade shows will come back in force by the end of the year and apart from a few internal meetings, companies have no plans to do so. stop travel in the last quarter of 2021.


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A "faster than expected" restart

For the management of the railway group, the train could benefit from this restart of professional activity as a whole after the brunt of the Covid-19 crisis. "The CSR policies of companies, with a desire to display priority for trains when there is a rail alternative to traveling by plane beyond the 2h30 provided for in the law, mean that we are considering a return of trains. pros in our trains faster than we thought before the summer ", defends Alain Krakovitch, general manager of Voyages SNCF.

In business trips, the "useful time" on board the train remains privileged, with the significant possibility of connecting to the Internet to work.

There is another source of hope for the SNCF: the good start of its special teleworking offer for those who travel two or three days a week, with 3,500 memberships in less than a month.